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Remote experiences of tangible spaces | Adrian Scicluna
Art 02-02

Artist Adrian Scicluna speaks to Teodor Reljic about his latest exhibition The Seated Traveller, whose thematic trajectory helps him explore how contemporary realities are shaping our perception of the geographical spaces we inhabit

Fine Arts Museum recreated online through 3D imaging technology
Art 01-02

The entire collection held at the National Museum of Fine Arts is now available for viewing online after being digitised through 3D scanning

Film review | Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World
Film 01-02

When the legendary German director Werner Herzog releases a movie, you had best sit up and pay attention • 4/5

[WATCH] Malta to participate in second Eurovision semi-final in Kiev
Entertainment 31-01

Malta will be participating the the second Eurovision semi-final, being held on 11 May, in Kiev

Scaling a decade in music | nosnow/noalps
Music 31-01

Ahead of their tenth anniversary show, Teodor Reljic speaks to some of the members of the enduring alternative rock band nosnow/noalps about what kept them going over the past decade, and how they see themselves within the evolving Maltese musical scene

British actor John Hurt dies at 77
Film 28-01

 Sir John Hurt, known for his roles in Alien and the Elephant Man, died on Friday • Hurt had been battling pancreatic cancer

Boxes that tell stories | Francesca Balzan
Art 26-01

Teodor Reljic speaks to Francesca Balzan, curator of the Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum, about the venue’s latest exhibition – Snuff Boxes: From Accessories to Objets d’Art

‘Theatre should disturb’ | Adrian Buckle
Theatre & Dance 25-01

Adrian Buckle of Unifaun Theatre is making his debut as a playwright. He talks about making this important leap, and how Unifaun’s backlog of theatrical experiences and collaborations has helped him shape this discomfiting take on young romantic love

La La Land ties all-time record with 14 Oscar nominations
Entertainment 24-01

La La Land dominated the Oscar nominations, picking up 14 to tie the record set by Titanic and All About Eve

Film review | La La Land: Pick the right dream
Film 24-01

Although La La Land appears to be tonally opposed to the gritty and sometimes blood-soaked obsessive odyssey that is Whiplash, it shares thematic similarities with the former film in a way that is not entirely flattering • 3/5

‘Allo ‘Allo! TV star Gordon Kaye dies, aged 75
Entertainment 23-01

The actor, who is best known for his role on BBC television series 'Allo 'Allo! died at a care home, his former agent has said

Malta’s national dance company ŻfinMalta dance their way to London’s top theatre
Theatre & Dance 23-01

Over the next three weeks, ŻfinMalta will be performing four works to paying audiences in theatres across the UK

Pino Scicluna, icon of Maltese theatre, dies at 60
Theatre & Dance 22-01

Maltese-Italian actor Pino Scicluna, whose career started with the Ateatru company, passes away

These daily wars | Ryan Falzon
Art 19-01

One of Malta’s most promising up-and-coming artists, Ryan Falzon, speaks to Teodor Reljic about his upcoming exhibition We Lost the War, which employs his vivid and ‘deceptively simple’ style to comment on some weighty issues

Film review | Paterson: The yearning desire for a quieter world
Film 18-01

Your friendly neighbourhood film critic is currently in Rome, sampling the cinematic delights of the Eternal City – here’s hoping some of these films make their way down to our shores • 4/5

Breaking through the fog | Nicole Cuschieri
Art 17-01

After coming out of a four-month coma, Aldo Cauchi Savona decided to collaborate with a group of friends on Inwardly Silent, a multidisciplinary project charting this journey from limbo state to consciousness. Artistic director Nicole Cuschieri talks about bringing this unique and challenging event to life

Curtain is coming down on US circus with epic 146-year run
Entertainment 15-01

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is folding up its big tent for good after 146 years in business • PETA urges other circuses to follow suit

New guidelines to ‘boost professionalism’ of Malta’s film industry
Film 14-01

Registers to be set up for film industry employees, more tax rebates planned for foreign film productions 

Shortage of workers a major concern for small businesses
Influenza cases skyrocket as doctors talk of ‘worst flu season ever.’
‘Union will never use percentages again,’ says Malta Union of Teachers president
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