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Books 23-06

Veteran literary fixture Gorg Mallia is back on the fiction scene with a new book from Merlin Publishers, which he both wrote and illustrated . He speaks to us about the dimension-hopping sci-fi tale Professur Ghasfur and insists that, while this ‘comeback novel’ is aimed at a young readership, pontification is not its game

Books 22-06

Last year new public library members and book loans both declined by over 17 per cent.
Books 15-06

Picture books are great fun in themselves, but when they also help to encourage children towards a practical s...
Books 25-05

Godfrey Wettinger was a laborious student of history who grew up to challenge the myths and dogma propagated b...
Books 22-05

HIstorian who discovered oldest piece of literature in Maltese, Pietru Caxaru’s Il-Kantilena, passes awa...
Books 12-05

New fund totaling €40,000 from the National Book Council to give boost to ‘culturally significant&r...
Books 23-04

Suad Amiry arrives to Malta ahead of the launch fo ‘Sharon u l-Kunjata’, a Maltese-language transl...
Books 07-04

Pierre J. Mejlak's Dak li l-lejl ihallik tghid translated into 'Having Said Goodnight' by Clare Va...
Books 06-04

The book follows Irvin Vella, an investigator-in-training, as he solves mysteries
Books 23-03

Writer Lizzie Eldridge speaks to us about her first self-published novel Duende, which follows the tumultuous ...
Books 25-02

Maltese-born, London-based artist Denise Scicluna tells us about her upcoming book, ‘Rock Art!’ wh...
Books 12-02

Fantasy author John Bonello speaks to us about his new book from Merlin Publishers: Irvin Vella: Investigatur ...
Art 12-02

Veteran Merlin illustrator Lisa Falzon speaks to us about bringing Bonello’s Irvin Vella to life with a ...
Books 21-01

National Book Council issues first batch of cheques to local authors benefiting from the Public Lending Rights...
Art 12-01

The Batman, Hulk and Judge Dredd artist will make an appearance at Pandora's Box Collectibles, Tarxien thi...
Books 07-01

The National Book Festival can only exist as a contributing component to the cultural development of our socie...