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Jurgen Balzan joined MaltaToday in 2011, specialising in politics, foreign affairs, migration and parliamentary affairs. He was formerly a political activist in Alternattiva Demokratika - the Green Party, and also an activist with Moviment Graffitti. He is one of MaltaToday's chief reporters and blogs regularly on politics.
Born without statehood: what it means to be stateless
National 24-02

Government is being urged to grant citizenship to stateless minors born in Malta, whose laws deny them citizenship despite being born in our land

‘PN government will repeal proposed Media Act’ – De Marco
National 22-02

Nationalist Party deputy leader calls on government to discuss proposal to include four Constitutional amendments to guarantee digital rights.

New lawyers warned to act ethically and respect profession
National 22-02

The law profession is ruled by strict ethical standards, Chamber of Advocates Presidents tells newly warranted lawyers

PN’s BA rep absent for eleventh-hour meeting ‘as a matter of principle’
National 22-02

Chris Scicluna, PN representative on Broadcasting Authority board, refused to attend 7am meeting during which chairperson Tanya Borg Cardona called for a surprise vote on controversial move to Valletta

Six new candidates for PN
National 21-02

Opposition approves six new candidates, including CEO of IT company 6PM Ivan Bartolo

Dejected BA employees demand PM’s intervention over Valletta move
National 21-02

Through their union, the Broadcasting Authority’s employees sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking for his intervention after the board approved a controversial move to new offices in Valletta

CABS: Galdes should tell trappers to ‘look for another hobby’
National 15-02

NGO says instead of wasting Maltese taxpayers money to defend the indefensible junior minister Roderick Galdes should have the guts to honestly tell the trappers that their cause is lost

Attorney General told government ‘play of words’ not enough to win EU trapping case
National 15-02

In emails seen by MaltaToday, Wild Birds Regulation Unit head Sergei Golovkin admits government and AG have diverging views on defence of finch trapping derogation

[WATCH] Malians facing deportation released after three months
National 14-02

Malians facing deportation – some of whom have been living in Malta for years – released from arrest after 90 days

Government ignored AG advice against opening trapping season
National 13-02

Government had ignored Attorney General's legal warnings when it reintroduced finch trapping in 2014

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