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Experience 3G Gaming on the new Sony PS Vita powered by Vodafone

Avid gamers can now experience enhanced gaming on the newly launched portable Sony Playstation PS Vita powered by Vodafone’s 3G broadband connection.

6 March 2012, 12:00am
Avid gamers can now experience enhanced gaming on the newly launched portable Sony Playstation PS Vita powered by Vodafone's 3G broadband connection.   In collaboration with Forestals who has launched the much awaited new console, Vodafone Malta has developed the PS Vita Starter Pack which allows gamers to play with friends when and where they want, and with anybody who is connected. 

Through Vodafone's superior and fast 3G network, players can locate and connect with playstation network friends and other gamers who would be in the vicinity.  They can check into specific locations and pick up or leave gifts like weapons, treasures and power-ups for other gamers to find and use in their games.  They can also access scores, trophies and ranking.  The new PS Vita can also take pictures and videos and users can post these instantly on their preferred social network or on Youtube.

"The PS Vita has come up with new content and features for enhanced gaming, while our team at Vodafone, Sony's preferred network, has made sure online games can be played wherever and whenever through the power of our 3G broadband network." said Monique Brincau, Marketing Executive at Vodafone Malta.  "Multi-player online games have not only grown in popularity but have also become a form of social activity, and single playing has been taken over by live interactivity and in-game communication with chat.  Vodafone's fast and reliable platform makes the 3G experience of gaming seamless and pleasurable.  Our ambition to be on the forefront of mobile data provision means growing our business to support new, innovative and ever changing technologies with simple plans and trustworthy quality and customer support."

Getting 3G Gaming is easy.  Currently clients can purchase the PS Vita console from Forestals, leave the shop ready and set to start using data.  Other PS Vita resellers like Scan Computers are getting onboard to provide their customers with the Vodafone PS Vita Starter Pack from their shops. Vodafone will then take the initiative to contact the new buyers to set up Vodafone's new PS Vita Starter Pack.  Customers can choose from two different starter packs - the €15 pay monthly PS Vita Starter Pack and the €20 prepaid starter pack.  The €15 plan gives customers 12GB with a subscription of 18 months and free Wipeout 2048.  This is available from all Vodafone stores and PS Vita resellers.  The €20 prepaid plan gives clients 3GB of data and is available from Vodafone stores. . The Sony PS Vita is the first portable gaming console that supports 3G.

For more information about the PS Vita Starter Pack visit a Vodafone store, call 247 for free from a Vodafone line or 9999 9247 from any other line or log onto


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