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Business News 11:41

On an annual basis, the industrial producer price index decreased by 3.00 per cent.

Business News 09:37

A number of company clients made a donation towards the charity fund in order to acquire a Golden Circle ticke...
Business News 09:00

39% of Maltese companies responding to Eurobarometer survey have reported harsh competition
Business News 08:52

Falklands oil exploration firm that acquired Mediterranean Oil & Gas yet to contact government over future...
Business News 28-07

New bases, strong performance over Easter period contributed to positive results
Business News 25-07

Maltese economy could generate as much as €195 million a year if island were to increase its productivity...
Business News 25-07

Deficit goes up to €265 million with increased spending on programmes and initiatives
Business News 25-07

Lands Department claims workings into €4.2 million bailout cannot be published because of police investig...
Business News 24-07

HSBC Malta has announced the launch of its 2014 Yes for Students campaign which will run till 31 October 2014.
Business News 24-07

In June the number of persons registering for work with the Employment and Training Corporation stood at 6,751...
Business News 23-07

Projects Malta is new Mimcol subsidiary
Business News 22-07

Chamber president David G. Curmi: ‘In the past, the government always dictated its business agenda to st...
Business News 22-07

Over a period of one year, labour supply excluding part-timers increased by 3.4 per cent, reaching 168,288.
Business News 21-07

Scicluna: long-term stability in the pension system can only be achieved through sustained economic growth and...