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Synesis select General Electric for Smart City health centre medical supplier

Synesis will make public in the next few days the choice of the construction company which through project financing will implement the actual construction of the hospital

Matthew Vella
4 August 2016, 2:08pm
The Ioannes Paulus II private hospital inside Smart City has selected General Electric as its key technology partner.

Synesis Ltd announced that General Electric will supply medical equipment, solutions for departments with high technological impact and energy solutions for the new healthcare centre, S Ioannes Paulus II, due to be built in Smart City Malta.

The healthcare facility will be one of a mono-specialistic nature, dedicated to the entire skeletal system, with surgical activities in orthopaedics and neurosurgery (spine and skull), and also specialising in the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation.

GE Healthcare will be flanked by Johnson & Johnson Medical in the development of the project, as a highly specialised model and as a centre of medical excellence.

The hospital will be constructed on a 16,000 square metre plot of land in Smart City Malta with a structure totalling 23,500 square metres internally and housing 214 patient bedrooms, 50 of which are suites. A further 3,000 suqare metres have been dedicated to sports medicine.

The GE Healthcare partnership will allow the new hospital will be equipped with the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology, surgical operating theatres and rehabilitation programmes.

The S. Ioannes Paulus II will open by the end of 2018, touted to create some 1,000 jobs in direct staff, including doctors, nurses and administrative staff and indirect staff through the various services required.

In in addition to the clinical part, surgical, sports medicine and rehabilitation, the hospital will promote specific applied research and training through an avant-garde cadaver lab center. Another objective of the hospital will be to develop a prevention system, such as the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, and host a last generation bio-molecular laboratory for genomic studies forming part of the Personalised Medicine Center in the centre of the Mediterranean.

Following the partnership with GE as strategic technological partner, Synesis will make public in the next few days the choice of the construction company which through project financing will implement the actual construction of the hospital as well as the two international universities which are engaged in applied research projects together with Synesis and which will also provide specialised post graduate courses within the same structure.

Matthew Vella is executive editor at MaltaToday.
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