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[WATCH] Food safety campaign launched on World Health Day
Health 07-04

Food safety leaflets will be available from butcher shops and the campaign will continue throughout the year
Publish Barts deal, say Nationalist MPs on government health plans
Health 02-04

PN: “Health workers and students of medicine do not deserve uncertainty. The government must publish the...
Weed killer traces in urine samples presaged WHO’s cancer claims
Health 30-03

Nine out of 10 urine samples from people in Malta contained traces of the weed killer glyphosate, laboratory t...
Government issues call for proposal for St Luke’s, Karin Grech, Gozo hospitals
Health 27-03

Services concession is for redevelopment, maintenance, management, and operation of the three hospital sites
PET scans at Mater Dei postponed due to production problems in Italy
Health 24-03

Patients being informed their appointment for a PET scan has been postponed
Fears that Barts could poach teaching staff
Health 24-03

Malta Medical School seeks reassurance that none of its lecturers would be poached by Barts Medical School
WHO report links weed killer ingredient to cancer risk
Health 23-03

World Health Organisations’s cancer arm, International Agency for Research on Cancer, said glyphosate, t...
Yearly average of eight babies born with Down's syndrome in Malta
Health 20-03

166 babies with Down's syndrome were registered with the Malta Congenital Anomalies Register over the past...
How satisfied are the Maltese with life? Average, Eurostat says
Health 20-03

Most satisfied inhabitants of the EU live in Denmark, Finland and Sweden
Teachers say strict absenteeism rules could spread chickenpox
Health 18-03

Asked about the alleged outbreak affecting Maltese schools, MUT president Kevin Bonello pointed out that the v...
White Paper on organ donation to allow opt-in, opt-out principles
Health 18-03

 In Malta, some 2,000 people sign up to be organ donors every year, ranking Malta among the highest donor...
NSO report: autumn sees most births and fewest deaths
Health 18-03

Circle of life: Most Maltese are conceived in winter, are born in autumn, marry in June and die in winter, Jam...
September 2016 opening for Barts Medical School in Gozo
Health 18-03

The government will be signing the agreement with the Queen Mary University of London today.
Malta plays significant part in global fight against diabetes – Sir Michael Hirst
Health 16-03

President of the International Diabetes Foundation Sir Michael Hirst praises Malta’s commitment to diabe...
Invest in your children’s future these Easter holidays
Health 16-03

Ramona Galea and Elaine Fenech are introducing the first Etiquette Masterclass Training Programme for Tee...