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Opposition: Budget says nothing on traffic despite public’s frustration
Budget 2017 26-10

Opposititon MPs accuse Transport minister of inaction in the face of growing concerns on traffic. Minister ins...
Government committed to finding strategic partner for Air Malta – Edward Zammit Lewis
Budget 2017 26-10

Tourism minister Edward Zammit Lewis says the government remains committed to finding a strategic commercial p...
[ANALYSIS] How Muscat ditched Robin Hood without forgetting the poor
Budget 2017 26-10

Budget 2017 crystallizes Joseph Muscat’s economic vision: state intervention to distribute wealth, witho...
Simon Busuttil: Joseph Muscat’s budget speech lacked substance
Budget 2017 25-10

‘Beneath all the theatrics, lies and personal attacks, the Prime Minister’s speech in parliament c...
Joseph Muscat: 'General elections in 2018'
Budget 2017 25-10

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat declares that the general election will be held in 2018 • Urges social partn...
GRTU on the warpath over unilateral hike in excise on consumer goods
Budget 2017 25-10

Small business chamber: excise raises prices, ignores environmental responsibilities of producers, encourages ...
[WATCH] Ban on smoking in cars carrying minors will include electronic cigarettes
Budget 2017 25-10

Motorists caught smoking with minors in car will risk being slapped with a €50 fine, law to come into for...
[WATCH] Simon Busuttil: 'Here and now budget' that ignores future needs
Budget 2017 24-10

Leader of the Opposition says that the government lacks vision and is not doing enough for the country's f...
[Live-blog] Simon Busuttil: 'Citizens deserve a government with a social conscience'
Budget 2017 24-10

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil delivers the Nationalist Party’s take on Budget 2017, presented last we...
Chamber of Commerce accuses government of ‘taxing everyday life’
Budget 2017 24-10

Chamber of Commerce takes government to task for replacing eco-contribution tax with excise duties in its late...
Tobacco industry supports ban on smoking in vehicles with children
Budget 2017 21-10

The Tobacco Industry Advisory Council has come out in full support of the  ban on smoking in vehicles whe...
Mario De Marco on Xtra calls for political maturity to tackle pensions
Budget 2017 21-10

Finance minister Edward Scicluna squares off against Opposition counterpart Mario de Marco on Budget 2017 &bul...
Budget 2017 gets it wrong on traffic
Budget 2017 21-10

Accountant and lawyer MPs must decide if they want to be full-time elected representatives or keep having...
Budget fails Caritas poverty test - PN
Budget 2017 19-10

Nationalist Party once again says that Monday’s budget is only a cosmetic one, without a clear vision an...
New social measures should be ‘just the start’ – Caritas director
Budget 2017 19-10

Disappointment at government’s failure to raise minimum wage