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Three egg farms to remain closed after testing positive in second fipronil test

Three of five egg farms blocked last week after traces of fipronil were found in eggs being traded will remain closed after a second sample also proved positive for fipronil

Paul Cocks
11 September 2017, 7:26pm
Three farms test positive for fipronil will remain closed
Three farms test positive for fipronil will remain closed
Three of the five egg farms temporarily shut down last week after traces of fipronil were found in their produce, will remain closed indefinitely after a second sample collected also resulted positive to fipronil.

Fipronil is an insecticide that has caused millions of eggs across Europe to be recalled after it was discovered that they were contaminated by the pesticide – 700,000 contaminated eggs are thought to have reached the UK alone. The insecticide is banned for use on animals reared for human consumption.

In a statement issued this evening, the Environmental Health Directorate and the Directorate for Veterinary Services said that the remain two farms were allowed to open again and resume trading after no fipronil was found in a second batch of eggs tested.

All five farms had withdrawn their eggs from the market, in accordance with the agreed position of the European Commission. The eggs withdrawn by all five farms were being destroyed under the supervision of the Health Inspectorate.

The situation is being monitored both locally – through continuous contact with the veterinary authorities and local traders – and abroad, via the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF).

The three farms will remain blocked until all tests on eggs elevated from each farm return no trace of fipronil.

The veterinary authorities said they are continuing to investigate all farms, and elevating samples. New results are expected early next week.

Paul Cocks joined MaltaToday after having spent years working in newspapers with The Times...