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Reporter 00:35

Jason Azzopardi has challenged the Prime Minister to publish all the files of the lands department's files on the expropriation of Mare D'Oro together with all of the department’s files relating to the Café Premier bailout by Tuesday morning "so the public can see who was transparent and who wasn’t"

National 21:53

Marlene Farrugia says that several Maltese women tend to look suspiciously at those few women who make their voices heard in public.

National 21:02

Edward Zammit Lewis accuses previous administration of planning to convert the Rinella water tanks filming site into a fish farm

National 20:41

Shadow energy minister accuses government of only lowering fuel prices last week to improve its public image in light of the Cafe Premier 'scandal'

National 19:59

Agriculture Parliamentary Secretary insists that no scientific evidence eixsts to prove that bee importation could threaten local bee DNA, says government will request EU to introduce safeguards if such evidence does eventually emerge

National 19:37

In six of these cases, the responsible officers lost their authorisation to carry a firearm pending re-training. 

National 18:36

Strict EU regulations forbid goverments to grant subsidies aimed at rendering local products more competitive, Leo Brincat says

National 17:07

7,956 Turtle Doves and 45,683 Quails migrated over the Maltese Islands during September and October 2014, when the killing of protected birds led to the suspension of the hunting season for three weeks

National 16:35

ELSA Malta to launch a free mobile app that translates legal terminology from English to Maltese and vice versa.

National 16:14

Tourism minister Edward Zammit Lewis called on all stakeholders to cooperate in creating opportunities for sector growth

National 15:48

Shadow economy minister says hoteliers association must take on an executive role in the planning of government tourism policies

National 15:25

Muscat says political responsibility 'shouldered when NAO was given full disclosure' • PM met Cities Entertainment director twice before 2013 election • Cabinet members kept 'au courant' with the deal • PL 'going through its books' to check whether it ever received donations from CE

National 14:50

The figure is expected to reach 3,000 by the end of 2015

Court & Police 14:25

MaltaToday managing editor Saviour Balzan exhibits documents on Elton Taliana’s alleged criminal association that had been submitted to police investigators

Court & Police 14:07

The accused admitted to charges of attempted burglary, recidivism and breach of probation

National 13:28

Monuments of former prime ministers to be relocated to Castille Square • The creation of pedestrian zone outside Castille set to be completed by end of October, just in time for the CHOGM

National 12:59

Union Haddiema Maghqudin registers industrial dispute with MEPA after one of its shop stewards was 'unjustly' transferred. 

National 12:50

The EU28 unemployment rate was 9.8% in January 2015.

National 12:43

During the fourth quarter last year, producer and input price indices for agriculture dropped by 3.3 per cent and 2.6 per cent respectively over the corresponding quarter of 2013. 

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