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National 21:08

Simon Busuttil accuses government of funding Labour Party’s MEP electoral campaign; says it would be difficult, if not “impossible” for PN to offset vote discrepancy

Europe 2014 18:15

Stefano Mallia says Labour is ignoring unemployment problem

National 17:56

If approved, the abrogative referendum against spring hunting would demonstrate the inadequacy of Malta’s referendum laws, St Hubert Hunters says.

World 16:48

Ukraine government troops kill five rebels while taking over pro-Russian stronghold as Russia orders military exercises on Ukrainian border

National 16:06

Malta loses the majority of its cases mainly because the Court is actively promoting the human rights and its role is not to declare whether a country is complying with EU law

Europe 2014 15:14

MEP candidate stands by his ‘Malta l-Ewwel’ campaign slogan, prioritising the interests of the Maltese.

Court & Police 13:49

Owner of Qajjenza field where bodies of Mario Camilleri ‘l-Imniehru’ and his son were murdered and buried, granted deferred prosecution to testify against principal suspect and accomplice • defence claims criminal law was amended in March to accommodate witness protection

Court & Police 13:43

Hunters rail against ‘English attack’, claim TV presenter breaching privacy rules

Europe 2014 13:33

Employment the main talking point as PN leader Simon Busuttil hosts MCESD representatives at party headquarters

World 12:43

OLAF, Council, and Commission taken to task over Dalligate investigation

National 11:48

Prime Minister tours Marsa power station

National 10:36

Entry explores the importance of open communication to further scientific progress

National 09:15

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses hit out at government's “anti-democratic” behaviour over the recognition of social workers

World 09:11

Eleven states and a union territory voting for 117 seats in the Lok Sabha parliamentary elections.

World 08:45

Oscar winning actress Jodie Foster marries her girlfriend, Alexandra Hedison

World 08:33

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan offers condolences for the first time for the mass killings of Armenians under Ottoman rule during WWI

National 08:30

Stories from today's national press

World 08:28

Rival Palestinian factions announce a reconciliation deal, saying they will try to form a unity government in the coming weeks

World 08:21

US President Barack Obama restates support for Japan over disputed islands but warns that dialogue - not escalation - is the way forward.

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