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World 21:05

Russian president accuses Turkey of 'backstabbing' and supporting ISIS following its shooting down of a Russian fighter jet. 

National 20:36

Franco Mercieca suggests that workers be allowed to take vacation leave for public holidays that fall in midweek on the preceding Monday, hence allowing them more long weekends  

National 19:56

PN presents working document as basis for next election manifesto • Busuttil: 'I don't want Malta to be a playground for the rich' • Labour accuses PN leader of 'censuring the media', government says that several PN proposals have already been introduced 

National 19:46

Parliamentary secretary Michael Falzon says that raison d'etre of decision to split MEPA board into executive council and planning board is to 'separate powers' 

National 17:59

Younger participants to the first-ever Commonwealth Women’s Forum urge their ‘elders’ to give them the space to prove their worth

National 17:42

 As a Labour MP she was a thorn in Joseph Muscat’s side, like Franco Debono was in Lawrence Gonzi’s, making more news by defying the party line rather than as an independent actor.

National 17:38

EPP head Manfred Weber says Malta has ‘higher degree of responsibility for common safety’ of Schengen as a border country

National 17:24

ITS paying some €125 a month, adding up to €1,500 every year for internet services, compared to the previous €1,298 a month, adding up to €15,576 a year.

Court & Police 17:11

Court sentences former HSBC employee Joseph Francis Scerri to ten years imprisonment for defrauding an elderly man

National 17:05

Government turns down independent MP's request to legally bind itself into improving quality of life when developing land 

Court & Police 16:03

Three men were handed suspended sentences after pleading guilty to different immigration offences

National 15:54

Civil society minister Helena Dalli stresses need for LGBTI issues in all discussions of equality within the Commonwealth context

Court & Police 15:33

The owner of a petrol station in Zabbar was awarded damages after restrictions placed on its operation were deemed to have impeded fair competition

Court & Police 15:27

Betsson key affiliate manager Christiaan Alexander Van Dalen, 41, arrested and accused of using player details to create artificial website traffic and inflate his commission.

National 14:42

Floriana deputy mayor Ivan Hallett had been advised to resign after police called him in for questioning over contraband allegations

National 14:35

Aditus reaction to use of abusive language in House of Representatives ‘an offence to the entire nation’

National 13:49

Speaker Anglu Farrugia rules that Public Accounts Committee Chairman Tonio Fenech’s decision to cancel the meeting, was not justified and did not follow parliamentary procedure.

National 13:43

Busuttil was asked by the Labour press whether he’s happy about Abela’s election: ‘Should I change the rules of democracy?’

National 13:14

Latest US travel warning made no mention of Malta, which like all Schengen zone countries on the EU’s borders is considered as a ‘staging point for terrorists’ in Washington’s eyes

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