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World 09:17

Ukrainian troops have already set up positions around the airport in Kramatorsk.

Court & Police 08:47

Teachers barring entrance to school

World 08:42

Around 370 people rescued so far while two passengers were found dead.

National 08:38

Stories from today's national press

National 08:32

In 2004, the WSC consumed over 101,000MWh to desalinate sea water; today this has fallen to 78,800MWh, or 4.6 kilowatts per hour to produce one cubic metre of water.

National 07:49

Traffic Impact Study highlighted ‘failing capacity’ of existing roundabout junction in Ghargur, but deemed impact of new drive thru on traffic flows as marginal.

National 21:01

How it happened - from the Opposition's abstention on civil unions to a big party out on St George's square in Valletta

Court & Police 20:51

A female police constable on duty at Mount Carmel Hospital has been rushed to hospital after being assaulted by two inmates

National 20:31

10 failed asylum seekers are repatriated to Ghana, home affairs ministry says

National 18:58

Greens insist on introduction of Braille and audio template voting system to aid disabled persons

National 18:42

1,241 patients were kept on a stretcher at Mater Dei hospital between December and January, health minister says

World 18:17

Italian former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi must carry out community service in a home for the elderly, following his conviction for tax fraud

World 18:05

Identity and motive unclear of men who seized Fawaz al-Aitan after attacking his car in Tripoli and shooting his driver.

National 17:56

Marsaskala Family Park contracts awarded by WasteServ did not warrant claimed urgency, National Audit office says

National 17:29

Prime Minister ready to set new bar for his government.

National 17:21

Opposition MP calls for quorum, parliamentary sitting momentarily suspended

Court & Police 17:06

A Libyan currently studying in Malta is granted bail after promising to admit to charges of defilement of minor once his studies are over

Court & Police 16:57

Young Ethiopian mother who ran away from Malta is handed a suspended sentence after she is apprehended by Swedish authorities

Court & Police 16:50

A migrant who attempted to travel to Sweden without travelling documents was returned to Malta after Swedish police traced his fingerprints

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