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Budget 2016 19:26

Opposition demands Speaker’s ruling after government tables wrong Budget document

National 18:30

14 retired police officers reinstated to the force between 2008 and 2013

Budget 2016 17:59

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says work remains key to pulling people out of poverty

Budget 2016 16:39

Teachers' union says increase in amount of pensionable years from 40 to 41 is an indirect measure to increase pensionable age

National 15:22

Winter fare for journey of two hours to cost €1.50

Budget 2016 14:43

Working document uploaded by mistake on Ministry’s website suggests government to devolve former Café Premier site to Valletta local council

Court & Police 14:38

Trapper receives lifetime ban on hunting and trapping licence

Budget 2016 13:27

Pilot project for live-in carers to have their wages subsidized by the government

Budget 2016 13:23

Government mulls French-style law at curbing food waste from producers and importers

Budget 2016 13:22

Work agency for migrants will be set up through a public private partnership and ensure that workers are employed legally

Budget 2016 13:17

Visiting tourists must pay 50c per bed night up to €5 maximum

World 13:17

A report on the 15-month investigation into the commercial flight MH17's crash in Ukraine is presented to victims' families; Missile manufaturer contests findings

Budget 2016 13:15

Low-income pensioners to get increase

World 12:54

Due to an increasing shortage of boats in Libya and worsening weather conditions, the number of migrants arriving in Italy halved in the month of September to 12,000.

Court & Police 12:38

Finnish prisoner testifies in case against Erin Tanti, accused of the murder and assisted suicide of Lisa Marie Zahra

World 12:19

Last week, Washington shelved a programme to train and equip "moderate" rebels opposed to Assad who would join the fight against Islamic State.

Budget 2016 11:25

GBC satisfied by budget measures, including studies into a tunnel connecting Malta to Gozo; Gozo tourism authority mostly satisfied but has some reservations on environmental tax for tourists

Court & Police 10:00

At about 1.30am, police were informed that a group of foreign nationals had started fighting with security personnel outside a number of entertainment establishments. 

Budget 2016 09:54

Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar says budget includes positive measures but lacks overall brave vision

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