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World 09:49

Two New York police officers gunned down in Brooklyn before gunman commits suicide.

Court & Police 09:40

Foreigner critically injured after falling two storeys in St Paul's Bay

National 08:20

'From the information at its disposal, the Commission considers that the Maltese authorities have not circumvented any EU procedural procurement obligation'

National 07:30

Danger in Mriehel factory since 2008 but no warning signs or protective barriers ever erected to ward off trespassers: now actors and directors could have been exposed to asbestos inhalation

Court & Police 16:18

Suspected hit-and-run driver arrested by police

National 15:06

A Transport Malta decision to block roundabouts in Naxxar leads to increased traffic congestion

National 14:32

Maltese government caught in between Libya’s Tobruk-based House of Representatives and Tripoli-based National Salvation Government

National 13:43

Aaron Farrugia launches foundation to improve the quality of life for people in the first district

National 13:08

Etienne Grech says that the government will publish an action plan for the teaching of the English language in schools by the end of the year

National 12:46

Spanish company Autobuses de Leon will take over the public transport system on January 8 following the finalisation of a takeover deal

National 12:21

Labour MEP Alfred Sant says smaller banks should not become ‘more risk averse’

National 11:39

63% of respondents to a MaltaToday online poll welcome potential monorail project

National 10:55

Prime Minister says memorandum of understanding involves Maltese-Azeri cooperation with regards oil and gas exploration

World 20-12

No casulaties reported in Israel's first strike on the Gaza Strip since last summer's 50-day war

National 20-12

Stories from today's national press

World 20-12

Sony Pictures has said that it is surveying "alternative means" of releasing 'The Interview', after scrapping its original release in the wake of a huge cyber-attack

World 20-12

US President orders ban on the export of US goods, technology and services to Crimea

Court & Police 20-12

76-year-old woman killed in traffic accident in Attard; second elderly woman and driver treated for shock

World 20-12

Justice was done, says Lockerbie bombing case investigation team •  Scottish investigators concluded that there is “not a shred of evidence” to support claims that the Libyan Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi was wrongly convicted

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