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National 14:54

PN – ‘Government must seriously address spate of vacancies inside MTA overseas offices’

Europe 2015 13:50

An Opinion report on personal protective equipment, intended to increase workplace safety, was approved today

Court & Police 13:42

The divers encountered difficulties due to high winds and currents

National 13:16

Minister Helena Dalli delivered the opening speech at a seminar ahead of tonight's parliamentary vote

Court & Police 13:08

The 21-year-old was discovered to have forged immigration stamps on his passport

Court & Police 12:34

The accused was found guilty of discharging a firearm in public and threatening to kill his wife last September. 

National 12:25

SHout campaigners say referendum empowers voters to do what is right for the future of their country

National 12:20

Currently, homes for the elderly have to abide to the height limitations set in local plans.  

Interview 12:20

Director of strategy at Arts Council Malta Toni Attard tells TEODOR RELJIC that changes are afoot in the governmental bodies charged with culture, but that we need to step up to the plate while there’s still time

National 12:16

Parliamentary Secretary Jose Herrera visits Freeport and discusses benefits of utility bill reductions for the company

Europe 2015 11:22

A skills deficit is not the main cause of Europe's unemployment rates but could become so if the issue is not addressed - Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi

World 09:45

A spokesman said that although cell phones have been recovered, investigators have not yet examined their contents and that he was not aware that any of them were in good enough condition to have accessible data.

World 09:31

 Former military leader Muhammadu Buhari wins presidential poll in Nigeria

World 09:16

Joni Mitchell was rushed to hospital on Tuesday afternoon after being found unconscious in her home

National 09:05

PN Secretary General Chris Said says he has nothing to hide about his communication with contractor Joe Cauchi, who blew the whistle on the alleged 'work for votes' scandal

National 09:02

Experts say part of the problem of domestic violence is the treatment victims receive from law enforcement officers

World 08:56

The UK introduces a number of new tax measures on the 1st of April, foremost of which is the new 'Google Tax' rtargetting multinationals operating within the UK while diverting profits overseas

National 08:56

A new legal notice makes sure that they will no longer be required to build manure clamps or cesspits, to cover passageways, to keep records and to have a fertilizer plan.

National 08:55

Il Gambero Ristorante owner Joseph Cassar told MaltaToday that the works were carried out at the same time that the Gozo Ministry was carrying out embellishment works at the Marsalforn promenade.

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