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National 16:01

Home affairs ministry chief of staff Silvio Scerri says he hardly knows minister’s chauffeur and does not have his phone number

National 15:54

The cultural and creative industries were identified as one of 11 economic sectors with significant opportunit...
National 14:56

PN says case against minister's driver who shot at car is compromised because important evidence was lost
National 14:25

Commissioner for Justice expected to be a woman 'working with victims of drug abuse'
National 12:33

Foreign Affairs Minister George Vella says Maltese diplomats faced pressure by Tobruk government not to cooper...
National 11:19

In an email to all MEPs and assistants, two MEPs expressed objections to the visit of Pope Francis to the Euro...
National 11:09

Tuesday 25 November is the international Day of Elimination of Violence against Women.
National 09:12

Three months before the general election Muscat earned a reputation for ruthlessness when he removed his own d...
National 18:15

Nationalist Party questions why home affairs minister's driver is yet to be arrested over Wednesday’...
National 18:03

Foreign Affairs ministry recalls remaining Maltese diplomats due to ‘ever increasing political pressures...
National 23-11

Around 16,000 participants take part in annual President's Fun Run in aid of Malta Community Chest Fund. &...
National 23-11

A roundup of the newspaper headlines on Sunday morning.
National 23-11

'This new tax is a knock-out to the local wine industry,' George Delicata, owner of Emmanuel Delicata ...
National 23-11

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says PN leader Simon Busuttil is not running after the truth, but after political...
National 23-11

Continuing to look into the state of local television drama, Teodor Reljic discovers that while local audience...