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National 18:27

Energy and health minister set to enter deputy leadrship race uncontested

National 18:23

Past and present use of second cars by members of the Cabinet continue to feature in parliamentary questions &...
National 17:22

Joe Mizzi says complaints on bus routes are localised and being addressed with local councils, but Opposition ...
National 16:56

Prime Minister meets Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan • Health Minister holds talks with UAE counterpart
National 16:35

Gozitan students recorded the lowest average number of absences, with 9.8 days per student
National 14:56

Disability pensions to match the non-contributory age pension for individuals reaching 60 years of age
National 13:20

Prof. Ian Refalo: “If we accept that the nomination may be subject to some form of scrutiny without pill...
National 12:50

While recognising sensitivity of subject in Malta, the law student organisation underlines the need for proper...
National 12:29

The development, proposed by Rodrick Fenech, who owns Mensija Real Estate Ltd, is located outside the developm...
National 10:13

Chamber of Advocates proposes that new judges and magistrates should have minimum 15 years' experience, in...
National 07:55

Police officers are stationed outside government schools at the beginning and end of the school day but are no...
National 07:55

Proposal could be compromise with businesses resisting enforcement of disability quota
National 07:52

Ombudsman unanimously appointed by both sides of the House in 2005 straight after BA chairmanship, which has t...
National 07:51

Motoring schools have no power to prevent those who complete their 10-hour course from setting off on the road...
National 07:50

Stories from today's national press
National 19:07

Route X1 will no longer pass through Mellieha, will make stops at Mater Dei Hospital