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National 22:07

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil accuses Muscat of prioritising the interests of his chief of staff Keith Schembri over those of the public

National 21:37

Parliament debating whether Prime Minister should sack his chief of staff and whether an ad hoc committee...
National 21:32

Independent MPs warns Labour MPs that voting for Muscat to maintain Keith Schembri as chief of staff 'amou...
National 20:15

In full defence of his chief of staff, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat accuses the opposition leader of represent...
National 20:08

PN leader claims that Keith Schembri is 'the Prime Minister behind the curtains', argues that €6....
National 19:33

President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca urges patrons of the Council of ‘Missing Children Europe’ to ...
National 19:02

Investigation in 10 cases of homicides still underway
National 17:34

BirdLife Malta says that the moratorium on hunting of turtle doves only, excluding hunting of quail, will solv...
National 17:16

Labour Party deputy leader contenders hold press conference to praise government’s economic achievements
National 15:37

NCPE gives gender equality certification to seven new companies and re-certifies nine other companies
National 14:46

Government declares moratorium on spring hunting of turtledove but will allow hunting for quail
National 14:37

Following death of beloved cat Masha, animal welfare commissioner proposes that cats be microchipped by law an...
National 14:32

International Centre for Migration Policy Development opens its first office in Floriana
National 13:49

86-year-old woman robbed and tied up to the railings of her staircase at around 10am in Mosta 
National 12:15

A luxury boutique hotel in Birgu has been sold for €4.1 million just over three years since it ...
National 11:30

The Malta Union of Teachers has ordered an industrial dispute in Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School in Nax...