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National 19:01

Laiq Ahmed Atif says 'there is a great need to join together upon our common teachings and values'

National 14:48

Local council candidate Henrik Piski pledges to increase the sense of community in Qormi and to organise cultu...
National 14:21

Spring Hunting Out campaign deplores lies and falsities divulged by YES campaign: ‘there is no spring hu...
National 14:06

President opens applications for a fund within the Malta Community Chest Fund aimed at supporting project...
National 12:49

Labour MEP says entrepreneurship must be taught in school and through extra-curricular programmes and tha...
National 12:26

 “All those forming part of a minority feel threatened by the referendum - Everyone forms part of o...
National 11:56

Toni Abela says Auditor General is ‘a sacred institution’ and calls for due diligence on public co...
National 10:49

Nationalist Party calls on government to instantly stop the 'discrimination' that exists between Enema...
National 09:13

Stories from today's national press.
National 07:00

Overwhelming majority of respondents to a poll express unease over IS’s presence in Li...
National 22:50

Fitch Ratings says Maltese economy ‘outperforming its eurozone peers’
National 22:31

Hunting federation announces YES campaign during Xarabank • NO camp says electorate needs to make an info...
National 27-02

'Scandalous that the PL keeps blowing its trumpets whenever the European average increases by a few cents&...
National 27-02

Gas cylinders weighing 12kg will cheapen to €17 in March and April. 
National 27-02

The residence in Victoria, Gozo, is expected to open its doors by the end of the year and will accomodate arou...
National 27-02

Fenech Adami not excluding possibility for Auditor General’s report to be scrutinised in parliament or b...