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National 08:29

In August MEPA refused to sanction some of the illegalities through a Development Notification Order.

National 08:01

Stories from today's national press
National 07:00

Home Affairs Minister accuses previous administration of abandoning disciplined forces • Nationalist MP a...
National 06:31

Owners of disputed €35 million contract granted by PN government say they will not comment about governme...
National 22:15

Media asking questions unrelated to power plant are helping government 'in diverting attention', Georg...
National 20:11

Acting Police Commissioner Ray Zammit calls on Court to pass on ‘any information’ it may have lead...
National 19:44

Speaker Anglu Farrugia finds Konrad Mizzi prima facie guilty of breach of privilege, refers matter to the priv...
National 19:21

‘I was personally appalled by the findings of the independent investigation,’ says Energy Minister
National 16:49

Labour MP Carmelo Abela, who is paid just over €28,000 as Labour Whip, also takes a €30,000 salary f...
National 16:16

Three surfers were being dragged to sea by currents before being rescused
National 16:16

Hunters' assocation FKNK said that the government decision to hold the local council elections in 2015 alo...
National 15:20

Nationalist Party: ‘The National Bank case should be now closed once and for all’ • Labour sa...
National 15:01

MEP Alfred Sant tells European Parliament that the EU's statements on the Ebola virus have been '...
National 14:17

A successful EU migration policy is a 'fundamental pre-requisite' to restore people's trust in the...
National 11:30

Foreign affairs minister George Vella meets with the UN special envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon, economy m...
National 22-10

Stories from today's national press