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Multiple dismissals at V18, Arts Council months before start of events
National 09:00

In 2012, Valletta was chosen to be the 2018 European Capital of Culture: but just six months before the major event, a number of individuals have been dismissed or transferred

[WATCH] PN MP: Marriage equality bill introduces uniformity worthy of 'communist state'
National 07:02

'The law will now give some the right to have their same-sex marriage recognised while at the same time, t...
New PN leader will find party with finances in order - Busuttil
National 21:03

Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil has said that his successor will inherit a party with its finances in ...
Nationalist MP Chris Said to contest party leadership
National 17:43

Chris Said to run for PN leadership: 'We cannot be perceived as being the party which opposes for the sake...
AD supports bipartisan agreement on Marriage Equality Bill
National 14:22

Alternattiva Demokratika has expressed its satisfaction at the fact that Parliament has set 'vote into law...
Opposition MP appeals for electoral system that is fairer on candidates
National 12:43

Candidates on the same district should be competing with each other on the basis of policy, not giveaways
Updated | Workplace deaths up over last year, injuries showing consistent decline
National 12:09

EU affairs and equality minister Helena Dalli said contrary to popular belief, the construction industry was n...
[ANALYSIS] PN leadership: A party on the beach?
National 27-06

The Nationalist Party’s new leader will be elected on 16 September, in time for the PN’s annual In...
Italian prosecutor complains of ‘Malta delays’ in anti-mafia investigation
National 27-06

An Italian prosecutor has complained of an alleged lack of cooperation by the Maltese authorities, insisting t...
Casual elections roundup: Seven new faces make it to parliament
National 27-06

Seven new faces were this week added to the list of MPs who will represent the nation in the 13th parliament s...
Marriage equality not limited to same-sex couples
National 27-06

Policy chief Silvan Agius explained that the amendments will not only take into account the rights of homosexu...
Dalli: Equality in marriage bill goes beyond same-sex relationships
National 26-06

The equality minister said that the proposed law would be modernising marriage laws in addition to giving equa...
European Court of Auditors head in Malta on Europe-wide ‘roadshow’
National 26-06

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna warns against taking the European institution for granted 
Marlene Farrugia, Godfrey Farrugia to vote for marriage equality bill
National 26-06

PD MPs to vote in favour of Bill that will legalise gay marriage, and call for further education on LGBT+ righ...
Arnold Cassola to resign as chairperson of Alternattiva Demokratika
National 26-06

Green Party stalwart Arnold Cassola will stay on as a member of Alternattiva Demokratika • Deputy chairpe...
PN support of marriage equality bill a 'lose-lose' decision – Tonio Fenech
National 26-06

According to the former minister, democracy should represent the voice of society and not just 'the few th...