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All articles • 'simon busuttil'
Dangerous, ‘Terinu’ politics
Blogs 10-05

This is a choice between a party which has strong proposals in place and someone who has no idea on how to govern

How the surveys compare
Data & Surveys 10-05

Both MaltaToday and Malta Independent surveys indicate an absolute majority for Labour when 'don’t knows' are removed from the equation

WATCH: ‘My social conscience is greater than Muscat’s’ – Simon Busuttil
Election 2017 09-05

PN leader Simon Busuttil, whom Labour targets as a divisive figure, has said that every Labour voter should feel comfortable jumping ship to the PN under his leadership

Updated | Gender equality, equal pay for equal work and removing GWU from workers scheme on PN manifesto
Election 2017 09-05

Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil has pledged to implement in practice the concept of equal pay for equal work and address the gender wage gap if elected in the upcoming election

WATCH: PN to take voting documents claims to OSCE
Election 2017 08-05

PN leader Simon Busuttil says he’s holding the Prime Minister ‘personally responsible’ over security problems with voting documents

Cartoon: 8 May 2017
Cartoons 08-05

Cartoon by Mikiel Galea

Of political spins and the inquiry relating to the in genere | Robert Abela
Blogs 08-05

PL candidate Robert Abela writes: Simon Busuttil is not being politically honest when he is stating that the inquiry must find Keith Schembri guilty, on the basis of the evidence he has submitted to the inquiring magistrate

[WATCH] Busuttil insists Josie Muscat will toe party line
Election 2017 08-05

The 74-year-old PN hardliner – who has in the past denigrated female victims of domestic violence and criticised same-sex unions – will contest the election for the PN on the Labour-dominated southern districts

Strengths and weaknesses: Joseph Muscat vs Simon Busuttil
Election 2017 08-05

Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil are vying to be the next Prime Minister – the fourteenth in Maltese history. How do the two contenders measure up? Jurgen Balzan reports

[WATCH] Free childcare for all, increased children's allowance amongst PN proposals for family
Election 2017 08-05

Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil said a new PN government would introduce free school transport for all students, extend maternity leave and introduce paternity leave

MaltaToday Survey | Trust ratings up for Muscat and Busuttil
Data & Surveys 08-05

Latest polls are out on MaltaToday, with both Labour and Nationalist leaders' trust ratings soaring

Attorney General: ‘I am not privy to FIAU investigations’
National 07-05

AG Peter Grech warns publishing FIAU reports a crime liable to five years jail, clarifies he has no power to request criminal investigations into money laundering 

Updated | FIAU had 'reasonable suspicion' kickbacks were paid over sales of passports, newspaper reports
National 07-05

The Sunday Times of Malta says the FIAU report was passed on to the Police Commissioner in May 2016 for further investigation • Keith Schembri reacts: 'I have never been questioned by any official of the FIAU nor been asked to provide any information to the Unit'

[WATCH] Busuttil demands AG publish all FIAU reports into Castille corruption
Election 2017 07-05

Simon Busutil: 'The FIAU investigated these people at least the sake of the national interest, the Attorney General must publish all these reports now' 

[WATCH] 'PL victory will give death knell to financial and construction sectors' - Busuttil
Election 2017 05-05

PD deputy leader given platform at PN political activity, says the two parties can together 'knock the Panama Gang out of government' 

Busuttil: Election about more than proposals, it’s a matter of trust
Election 2017 04-05

The Nationalist Party leader warned that the Labour Party would once again offer ‘everything to everyone’ but would ultimately not deliver

Busuttil pledges to 'clean up' passport sale scheme, urges PM to debate Marlene Farrugia
Election 2017 04-05

Nationalist Party leader dismisses concerns that the party hadn’t costed its new electoral pledge to give a €10,000 grant to young Gozitan families, saying that 'the grant will be limited according to how much money we decide to allocate'

[WATCH] Busuttil pledges key Gozo policies in first 100 days of PN government
Election 2017 04-05

Simon Busuttil: 'What we’re speaking about here is our political aim. Electoral manifestos only include paragraphs of proposals not encyclopaedias'

Muscat insists he and Schembri ‘have no obligations towards each other’
Election 2017 03-05

Joseph Muscat insists any evidence to back up Egrant reports will be electronically recorded, but Simon Busuttil warns that evidence could have been 'smuggled' out of bank

[WATCH] Busuttil urges Godfrey Farrugia to join Democratic Party, promises island region status for Gozo
Election 2017 03-05

As the Nationalist Party took the election campaign trail to Gozo, Simon Busuttil said PN's Gozo manifesto will include establishing Gozo as an island region and a €10,000 grant for couples and families settling in Gozo

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