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All articles • 'simon busuttil'
[ANALYSIS] The implications of a Labour landslide
Election 2017 06-06

The results of the Maltese election show Joseph Muscat consolidating his 2013 gains amidst a strong performance in the economy and a bad record on governance. What does this say about Muscat’s intentions and the PN’s future? James Debono asks

[WATCH] Simon Busuttil, entire PN leadership step down after electoral defeat
Election 2017 05-06

Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil he would step down following the resounding defeat at the hands of the Labour Party • Says he will consider whether to stay on as MP at a later stage

Labour cruises to second major landslide with 55% of popular vote
Election 2017 05-06

Malta chooses to stay the course and return Labour in power with a massive 38,000 vote majority, the party's second consecutive landslide win

The lessons to be learnt
Editorial 05-06

This country needs a strong opposition to counter an administration that has had an unprecedented second landslide

Saying it as it is: Part 2
Blogs 05-06

In this great charade, anybody who questioned the veracity of these stories was called a Joseph Muscat ass licker or a stooge of the State. No one was allowed to have his own mind

After Labour landslide, Busuttil is not resigning: ‘We must keep the flame burning’
Election 2017 04-06

Resignation does not seem to be on the cards: PN leader Simon Busuttil says PN must take stock of damning election result, but that it must 'keep the flame of hope burning'

Busuttil is not giving any press conference after suffering staggering defeat
Election 2017 04-06

PN leader Simon Busuttil fails to show up in Naxxar counting hall and no press conference planned

There is life beyond politics
Blogs 04-06

We have a common attribute – we are all Maltese and the government must continue to work hard to ensure that it governs for the whole people and continue to promote the unity

On a personal note
Blogs 04-06

I could not hope that in his second term, Muscat would raise the ethical standards of his performance and suddenly become a paladin of good and transparent governance

PN leader touring localities to bring out the vote
Election 2017 03-06

PN leader Simon Busuttil has embarked on a tour of the thirteen districts, urging the electorate to go out and vote

One-hit wonder
Blogs 01-06

PN candidate Mark Azzopardi writes: Like a desperate pop star trying to cling on to the charts, after a humiliating first tour, he [Muscat] is trying to use this election to cling onto power.  But what done is done.

[WATCH] PN government would keep good Labour measures, Busuttil vows
Election 2017 01-06

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says he would not do things the way Prime Minister Joseph Muscat – and past Nationalist administrations – did

[WATCH] Muscat and Busuttil’s final TV slog, a picture of the leadership they offer
Election 2017 31-05

Labour Party leader Joseph Muscat and Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil tonight faced off in a televised debate that reinforced the opposing narratives that voters are called to decide upon

[WATCH] Busuttil pledges record economic growth under PN government
Election 2017 31-05

Simon Busuttil dismisses Joseph Muscat's warnings: 'PN built this economy from the ground up and steered it through the financial crisis'

[WATCH] PN pledges immediate removal of gas tanker if electricity generation is not affected
Election 2017 31-05

Simon Busuttil says he won't give timelines of energy plan as his government would first need to take stock of situation

Muscat and Busuttil head to the clubs … for party youth activities
Election 2017 30-05

Joseph Muscat will be address Labour youth supporters at Uno Village tonight while Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil heads to Sky Club

Good governance – It’s our right
Blogs 30-05

PN candidate Alex Perici Calascione writes: Once again, we as a nation are at a crossroads. These elections go beyond any one single issue or proposal. It is all about putting Malta back on the track of good governance

[WATCH] VGH denial over Pilatus Bank account should be taken with ‘a pinch of salt’, Busuttil claims
Election 2017 30-05

Following the hospital operator’s denial that any of its owners or officials have accounts at the Bank, the PN leader said he has ‘information showing otherwise’

[WATCH] Simon Busuttil accuses Keith Schembri of being 'in denial'
Election 2017 29-05

The PN leader said that he had no doubt that more would be revealed about alleged corruption related to Enemalta and the LNG tanker

Updated | Simon Busuttil testifies in third inquiry, insists 'bribery only plausible reason'
Court & Police 29-05

Simon Busuttil confident that magistrates will find ground for prosecution: 'That is the conclusion that all the magistrates are expected to reach. I expect that in the three investigations, the three magistrates will do so'

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