Special edition of MCASTlink celebrates 20 years of MCAST

MCAST’s speical twenty-year edition features the main College milestones and significant achievements

This year MCAST is celebrating its 20th anniversary since it opened its doors way back in 2001. To celebrate and mark this important milestone, the College has published a special edition of its official magazine, MCASTlink. This particular issue showcases MCAST’s twenty-year history and features the main College milestones and significant achievements.

These include the official opening of the College in 2001, the inauguration of the six MCAST Institutes, the launch of the MCAST Gozo Campus, the launch of the first degree programmes at Level 6, the 10th anniversary celebrations, the placing of the first stone of the new MCAST Campus and the launch of its first six Degree Apprenticeships, amongst others. Achievements of students and staff members are also highlighted.

They include the winners of the international Euroskills Competitions, the City and Guilds Gold Medals awards, the prestigious Queen’s Young Leaders Award, and the Gold Leaf Award presented to a lecturer, among others. This publication contains a visual representation of important MCAST statistics such as the student population, the number of full-time and part-time staff members, the number of courses, the research carried out, the information on the new Campus Project, and information on the recurrent and capital budgets.

Special contributions to this edition include the articles by the first MCAST Principal, Mr Frederick Fearne, the first MCAST Registrar, Ms Josephine Cilia, the first MCAST Librarian, Mr Laurence Zerafa, as well as a few of the first MCAST Directors. These articles convey their personal experiences in the setting up of the College during its early days.

Throughout these twenty years, MCAST has succeeded in creating career opportunities for thousands of students. MCAST alumni shared their experiences on how their time at MCAST has prepared them for their careers. MCAST industry partners also forwarded their positive statements about the employability and knowledge of MCAST graduates.

The magazine proudly highlights all the Prospectus and MCASTlink editions over the twenty years and the courses and curriculum development. The College’s good working relationships with the unions is conveyed through the articles submitted by the MUT and the UĦM. The magazine also delves into the work of the Applied Research and Innovation Centre (ARIC) and the College’s strategy and vision (2022-2027) which serve as the link to the future. The future of research at MCAST and local and international research collaborations are revealed as the Centre paves the way for the College to become a Professional Higher Education institution. The College wishes to thank all those who have contributed to making MCAST the success story that it is today. A copy of this publication is now available at the MCAST Communications Office and online through mcast.edu.mt.