The white paper on gambling reform puts casino operators on the edge

The UK Government may finally release its white paper on gambling reform in the next few weeks, and when it does, the changes will have far-reaching consequences, especially for the online gambling world

The measures under consideration for gaming reform by the government are detailed in the report. Football sponsorships, VIP packages, and betting limits are all to be put under the microscope. So, it goes without saying that players and operators will be keeping a close eye on the finer details. There will likely be changes to online bookmakers, gaming sites, blackjack fans, and at the sites where players call home for the best online slots in the UK, so this is big news for all.

Football Sponsorships, Changes to Betting Limits & VIP Packages 

One of the major talking points in recent days has been around gambling sponsorships on Premier League jerseys. According to reports, however, top-flight teams have allegedly reached a voluntary agreement to implement the rule in the future.

Safeguards include the much-talked-about betting limits between £2 to £5 for the maximum stakes, which is likely to ruffle many feathers. Gambling businesses are also said to be prohibited from offering free bets and so-called VIP packages to users who incur big losses. 

The white paper states that a low-cost, "non-intrusive" check will be included for affordability. Despite the many casual gamblers, the intended maximum stake levels are a concern for online casinos in the United Kingdom and Malta, although the efficiency of affordability checks will rely on the scope of the term "non-intrusive." There are still some grey areas that need clarification.

Those who gamble in the United Kingdom, according to YouGov Gamblers, are said to be required to provide proof of income before they are allowed to play at an online casino; however, just 16% of those surveyed were prepared to do so back in January 2022. As a result, concerns about a rise in black market gambling have also been voiced in light of the possibility of these income inspections.

Gambling In the United Kingdom and Malta: The Effects

Extra funds provided by the gaming business are to provide the UK Gaming Commission with more authority. But these developments will still have far-reaching consequences for the gaming industries in both the United Kingdom and Malta, which are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, respectively. It is possible that the £2 maximum bets imposed on fixed odds betting terminals back in 2019 may have the same impact on the usage of online casinos, reducing the number of bettors using the machines.

Protecting children and the vulnerable while also encouraging responsible gaming in a secure setting are two of the stated goals of the Malta Gaming Authority. An unlicensed operator in Malta was hit with a fine by the MGA, further demonstrating the increasing authority of the regulator.

In April 2022, the UK Gambling Commission reported that 26% of people over the age of 16 had gambled online at some point during the previous month, an increase of 2% from the previous month of last year and this is 7% up across five years. As to be expected, sports betting, especially on football, is the most common kind of internet gambling.

A representative from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports refused to comment but did mention, "We are undertaking the most comprehensive review of gambling laws in 15 years to ensure they are fit for the digital age.” So, there are still many questions to ask before we know the full extent of what to expect.

Clearly, online gaming businesses in the UK are waiting anxiously for the release of the government's white paper on gambling reform. There has been some uncertainty about the white paper's content, and the strongest prohibitions seem to have been dropped. Still, the forthcoming implications for the online gaming and betting industries in the United Kingdom and Malta are evident. 

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