The Waterfront Hotel: Championing sustainability in the hospitality industry

The Waterfront Hotel strives to leave a positive footprint on the environment by practising sustainable measures

The Zero Waste HoReCa Awards trophy
The Zero Waste HoReCa Awards trophy

The Waterfront Hotel has emerged as a shining example of sustainable excellence, securing a well-deserved spot among the winners of the prestigious Zero Waste HoReCa Awards. 

Obtaining a well-deserved position amongst the award's winners is a commendable achievement which highlights The Waterfront Hotel's commitment towards sustainability and their innovative efforts to make a positive environmental impact.

One of the key initiatives taken by the Waterfront Hotel to promote water conservation is the installation of water aerators throughout all faucets within the premises. These devices introduce air into the water stream, reducing the flow without compromising water pressure. As a result, the hotel significantly cuts down on water usage while ensuring a delightful experience for their guests.

Moreover, the Waterfront Hotel has embraced technology to minimise its ecological footprint by decreasing the printing of promotional materials. By replacing traditional print mediums with digital screens, the hotel not only reduces paper waste but also showcases a more modern and cutting-edge image to its visitors.

The hotel's commitment to water conservation doesn't stop there. They have taken the initiative to incorporate more efficient shower heads into their bathrooms. These shower heads not only save water but also feature LED lights that cleverly indicate when excessive water is being used. This gentle reminder serves as a playful way to encourage guests to be mindful of their water consumption, reinforcing the hotel's dedication to sustainability.

To further expand these commendable practices, the Waterfront Hotel is utilising the 500 seed money awarded through the Zero Waste HoReCa Awards program. With this financial boost, they aim to implement water-saving measures throughout the entire hotel premises, thereby amplifying their positive impact on the environment.

The Waterfront Hotel's success in winning the Zero Waste Horeca Awards exemplifies their ongoing dedication to reducing waste and becoming a frontrunner in sustainable hospitality. By continuously adopting innovative practices and investing in eco-friendly technologies, this remarkable establishment is setting a remarkable precedent for the industry.