Schweppes unveils a fresh look and new iconic skittle bottle

Treat your taste buds to two new premium tonics this summer 

The new Schweppes bottles
The new Schweppes bottles

Schweppes has unveiled a refined new look and iconic bottle design – inspired by champagne – delivering a superior taste and pouring experience for cocktail-lovers.

The brand’s new look takes inspiration from its more than two-century rich heritage, but adds a refined, modern edge bringing it up-to-date. The shape of the new bottle is inspired by the original ‘skittle’ bottle, used by the brand’s creator and the inventor of bubbles – Jacob Schweppe.

Apart from the Classic Range, Schweppes is introducing two new premium tonics on the local market – the Aromatic Tonic and Citrus Tonic, alongside a Spritz Non-Alcoholic drink.

The sweet refreshing nose of Aromatic taste playfully delivers both sweet and sour to your guests’ palate. A subtle hint of citrus and spice define the nose of Citrus Taste deliciously followed by the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness to taste. The Aperitivo Spritz offers refreshing sweet and bitter flavours with notes of rhubarb and herbal aromas, which simply makes it perfect for the summer season.

Schweppes has also unveiled the Slimline range of mixers. A sugar-free version of the classic carbonated mixers  - Bitter Lemon and Tonic Water, giving the consumer more choice by offering a low-calorie alternative that don’t sacrifice the taste.

 “The approach for the redesign was a holistic one, considering all aspects of the drinking experience to make it more luxurious and modern, as well as paying respect to the great heritage of the brand. The opening design of the bottle as user-friendly as possible, so that consumers get a perfectly carbonated mixer from the first pour. We are very excited to introduce this newly designed range of mixers and premium selection of tonics, to our local consumers ‘’ said Maria Micallef CEO of GSD Marketing Ltd.

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