‘Almost-Maltese’ painters take on the world of music

Two ‘foreign but local’ artists will be exhibiting their work at Opus 64 Galerie, Tigne Street, Sliema from next Wednesday as part of In Tune with Jazz.

Detail of Untitled by Ljupco Samardziski.
Detail of Untitled by Ljupco Samardziski.

Though they come from different countries - one is Macedonian, the other British - and though they hail from different generations and cultural backgrounds, their paintings find a common ground in their enduring relationship to the Maltese islands.

The artists - Ljupco Samardziski and Jeni Caruana - also share a common passion in their tendency to depict musicians in live performance.

Much like Wassily Kandinsky worked by 'visualising' music in his paintings during the 1920s - hoping that they would be 'heard' by audiences - Caruana and Samardziski mirror these same values.

Their love for music and movement can be are seen in many of their most interesting and vibrant works. Both in sense of  colour, movement and composition manage to draw the audience into their world of music and performing arts.

The exhibition will run until July 24. Opening hours: 10:00 to 13:00 and 17:00 to  19:00 (Monday to Saturday). For private viewing and more information: 21 323206,   79 496419, info@[email protected], www.opus64galerie.com.