Rotting but proud

‘Advanced Decomposition’ is an artistic conceptual exercise being held at the National Museum of Fine Arts Valletta by artist and musician Walter Vella, held on September 14 from 19:30. 

This is a continuation of the concept of recycling materials found discarded and mostly left unnoticed that Vella introduced in his last exhibition entitled ‘Shards’, where discarded stone was employed, alongside glass. Vella has decided to push the idea to its logical conclusion this time, incorporating the study and recognition of the inert qualities and beauty that nature can create, even through decay and decomposition of ‘dead’ material.

A shredded truck tire by the roadside or a rusting piece of metal from a 45 gallon drum creates interesting form and composition. Millipedes create unique designs when they die, providing the artist with a tool to create a composition. Tree branches are left mostly untouched as they themselves establish forms that only nature can create. “What I am striving to do is to give ‘life’ back to natural and man-made materials and objects,” Vella says.

The art exhibition will consist of around 15 pieces of 3D objects and hanging pieces, photographs and a small video installation. This will be presented in tandem with a contemporary musical performance composed and performed especially for this exhibition.

The music consists of a set of ‘motifs’ composed by Walter Vella and Mro. Dominic Galea. These short ‘motifs’ where based on the concept of ‘Advanced Decomposition’ and they portray the human aspect of life, from the introductory piece called ‘Random DNA’ to the last piece entitled ‘Reminiscences’. An innovative approach to this music is that the ‘motif’ will be ‘decomposed’ and it will never return to its original form. The performers are Walter Vella on saxophones, maestro Dominic Galea on piano and Joe Micallef on drums.

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