Sliema car park mural completed in southern Italy

Man ‘scrambling into a hole’ at the Sliema car park emerges in Sapri, south Italy.

Photo by MTO (Graffiti/Street-art / Facebook)
Photo by MTO (Graffiti/Street-art / Facebook)

Graffiti artist MTO has completed his mural ‘The Mediterranean Tunnel’, a stunning four-storey high graffiti at a Sliema car park and completed in Sapri, south of Italy.

The graffiti depicts a man scrambling into a hole in a wall, emerging in the Italian village. The first part of the mural was performed for the Sliema Arts Festival while the second part was performed for the Incipit Project in Sapri.

Posting pictures of his work of art on Facebook, MTO said his art was inspired by the migration crisis that hit the Mediterranean and a decision taken by the Italian government to take in all migrants saved.

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