Multiple stories made material | Trevor Borg

We catche up with artist Trevor Borg, who completes the season’s celebration of the book, as his exhibition De-Scroll takes place in tandem with the National Book Festival, at the National Library of Malta in Valletta with a showcase of ‘organic sculptures’

De-Scroll on display at the National Library of Malta, Valletta
De-Scroll on display at the National Library of Malta, Valletta

Could you tell us a little bit about your background as an artist?

I have always been involved in creative fields. Currently I am Senior Lecturer in Art at the Junior College and I also lecture at the University of Malta. I work in different media including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, video and installations. I have put up eight solo shows locally and my work has been included in collective shows in various European countries. My most recent work includes Spatium Clausum, a multi-channel video and sound installation at the Mediterranean Conference Centre and De-Scroll at The National Library in Valletta.

How did you develop your skills, and what have been some highlights of your career so far?

I’ve studied art in Malta and the UK, alongside other subjects. My practice can be considered cross-boundary since I often intertwine art with other disciplines. As regards highlights, I would say that being chosen to represent Malta in a European-wide exhibition, celebrating the accession of new member states including Malta into the European Union, was quite significant. Every solo show can be considered a milestone in an artist’s career and being invited to show one’s work overseas is also significant.

Trevor Borg
Trevor Borg

What was the main inspiration behind the exhibition?

De-Scroll is the title of my current exhibition at The National Library in Valletta. It forms part of a larger body of work responding to place. I translate found material into artistic practice. I collaborate with the landscape and my aim is to transform commonplace matter into matter of artistic enquiry.

What does the exhibition consist of?

The exhibition comprises one hundred sculptures made over a period of time.

Why was the National Library of Malta chosen as a venue? How do you think it suits the work in question?

De-Scroll investigates textuality, among other things, thus The National Library seemed to be the ‘natural’ setting for showing the sculptures. The Library consists of books and books narrate stories. Similarly my sculptures are comprised of multiple stories imbricated with materiality. The showcases and the entire setup of the library provide an appropriate context for such work.

What do you make of the local arts scene? What would you change about it?

I think that at present the local arts scene is extremely vibrant and that definitely augurs well for the future. There are many things I would like to see changed but that merits a separate interview. However, someday I would like to see a museum for modern and contemporary art being set up in Malta and more space and facilities to accommodate contemporary art practice.

De-Scroll will remain on display until November 15