[LISTEN] Il-Manifest tal-Killer by Karl Schembri

Loranne Vella reads from Il-Manifest tal-Killer by Karl Schembri

Author Loranne Vella reads an excerpt from Karl Schembri’s novel Il-Manifest tal-Killer, first published in 2006.

Il-Manifest tal-Killer had a difficult time being born. Initially, publishing houses turned it down, considering it as too vulgar. Described by poet Mario Azzopardi as the very first example of anarchic literature in Malta, the novel deals a lot with the issue of censorship and the sacred right of the citizen to sound his voice. The novel was also censored by University of Malta's radio station Campus FM, after the management learnt that it was going to be read on its station. An adaptation by Bryan Muscat was staged in October 2008 by Lemonhead Productions. Il-Manifest tal-Killer will be republished by Merlin Publishers later this year.

About the author

Karl Schembri (1978) is a Maltese poet, novelist and journalist. He graduated in sociology from the University of Malta. He has lived for four years in the Gaza Strip as a journalist and as a media officer with Oxfam. He is currently Regional Media Advisor in the Middle East with the Norwegian Refugee Council. He has published a collection of short stories and a novel, Il-Manifest tal-Killer. A collection of his Maltese poetry in Maltese was published in 2013, while a book of his poetry in English was later published in the US. His poetry has been translated in French, Spanish, Romanian and Arabic.

About the reader 

Loranne Vella is a Maltese writer, translator and performer. Rokit, her latest novel, won the National Book Prize in 2018.

Loranne Vella
Loranne Vella

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