My essentials: Edward De Gaetano’s cultural picks

No 44 | Edward De Gaetano, 36, Actor/Producer

1. Book

I’m not a massive reader. I think the last book I read was about five years ago, ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ by Richard Dawkins, a book about the wonders of evolution in so much detail. It was a tough read for me! If you’ve read it, you’d understand why I haven’t picked up a book for so long. It did however give me all the answers I need and helped quell my incessant curiosity about life. It’s a book I refer to quite often.

2. TV/Film

I love film and TV, I watch a lot of it. I silence the guilt by telling myself this is all for study and research. And it works. I think I have every streaming service possible so there’s a a variety I’d happily recommend. Mostly recently, ’The Offer’, a brilliantly executed mini series on the origins of the making of The Godfather. ‘Yellowstone’ with Kevin Costner, ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ with Rachel Brosnahan is a joy to watch, ‘The Intouchables’ with Omar Sy (I hope I get to work with this comedy genius one day).

3. Internet

I’m more of a podcast guy than a blog guy – again I’m not great at sitting and reading at lengths. So for me it’s mainly listening to interesting things people have to say. I listen to lots of ‘The Intelligence’ by the Economist for my daily dose of current affairs. Then I’m onto podcasts about other actors so lots of ‘Skip Intro’ with Krista Smith and Screen Talks Archive. ‘The Screen Writing Life’ for inspiration when trying to write. There’s loads more…

4. Music

I have a varied music taste – in fact I love playing random playlists and see what sticks. I wouldn’t say I’m a music buff but when I hear a good song, it’s added to my library. A few years ago I got invited to a live gig and was introduced to Pat Dam Smyth, a Northern Irish artist, who I very quickly likened to Pink Floyd, one of my all time favourite bands. Pat’s music has that creative rich story telling both in music and lyrics. It’s a musical delight for your senses.

5. Place

A way to a mans heart is through his belly. It couldnt be closer to the truth. As a massive foodie and globe trotter, I will very quickly give up on visiting a temple to travel for an hour to the best local eatery. When im back visiting family in Malta I maintain the same attitude and look for new, hole in the wall as well as established eateries that I perhaps haven’t tried or keep going back to. On my last visit we stayed in Bormla and it really felt like I was on holiday – being a tourist in your own country enables your inner curiosity that otherwise lays dormant.