My essentials: Jeanelle Spiteri’s cultural picks

No 58 | Jeanelle Spiteri,16, Actor, Model and Student

1. Book

I prefer to read travel blogs and newspapers rather than story books. However, recently I watched the movies of ‘The Kissing Booth’ and decided to read the books to experience the story from a writer’s perspective. I was surprised that there were quite a number of differences between the storyline in the movies and in the books. I felt that the movie was more of a comedy while the book was more dramatic.

2. Film

Normally, I stick to watching horror or romantic movies. A recent movie that I have watched which really stuck with me is ‘Miracles from Heaven’. The movie is based on a true story of a little girl who was diagnosed with a rare incurable disease. She was healed after falling 30ft from a tree. The scenes showing how her parents never gave up and always showed faith really inspired me. I would really recommend this movie to anyone as the storyline is very one which anyone can relate to.

3. TV/Internet 

Recently, there have been a number of social media influencers that I have been following. However, my favourite influencer is Daniela Farrugia as apart from sharing a lot of genuine ideas and opinions, I love her detailed travel stories and photos. Through her stories, I learn about a lot of different places which I would be very keen to visit in the future. Also, she shares various recipes which I would be very looking forward to trying out.

4. Music

I personally have two favourite musicians, Harry Styles and James Arthur. I had been following Harry Styles since the start of One Direction in 2010. His album Fine Line is my favourite as my favourite song is part of such album. James Arthur is a musician that I have been following recently. I just love the lyrics of most of his songs, especially ‘Empty Space’ and ‘Rewrite the Stars’.

5. Place

I love to travel. I have visited several European countries and this year I will be visiting Germany. This year, I have also had the opportunity to walk the catwalk representing the Mitch Desunia brand in London Fashion Week. However, it has always been on my bucket list to visit America. I would love to visit New York, Las Vegas and the Orlando Walt Disney World Resort since apart from the various photos and videos I have seen online of these destinations, they are very popular in most of the movies I have watched.