My essentials: Nico Darmanin’s cultural picks

88 | Nico Darmanin, Opera Singer

1. Book

Resonance by Ricky Caruana - This book is absolutely fantastic. A Maltese writer with an insight so profound that I would say Ricky is one of the earthiest intelligent humans on this planet. This book really helped me reaffirm my beliefs in what everything is. I speak of the Universe. Understanding Religious beliefs and spirituality as a whole. This book touched my soul. It is truly profound and for this I thank Ricky Caruana for describing so perfectly that which I think I always understood.

2. Film

The Deepest Breath - This film is a half documentary which is mind blowing. I have always had an obsession with free diving. I never really got into it as a sport, but it is something I am interested in. This sport helps you achieve meditative states so deep that one can hold his breath to a ridiculous amount of time. The lesson I learnt from this movie is how anxiety can affect a life changing situation… true love for someone will make you go to extremes.

3. TV/Internet 

I like to follow Russell Brand on social media as he is constantly exposing the true socio-political climate in the world. He exposes things which we in our daily lives are missing. He is truly an intelligent guy. Someone who is not scared to expose governments, big corporations and the truths which are always hidden away from.

4. Music

My favourite music is usually the opera I am currently studying. I engross myself in the music and start to find phrases and corners which are just exquisite, and I tend to stay singing them throughout the day. I also have a soft spot for sacred music. Especially Masses written by the Italian composers Puccini, Verdi and Rossini. There is some amazing stuff out there.

5. Place

My favourite place in Malta is on the cliffs of Mellieha. There is something special about going for a walk alone and contemplating one’s existence. A place I would love to go is Bali as I wish to learn how to surf at a higher level. I would also love to go to South Africa to see the wildlife. I love nature!