My essentials: Ann Jenkins’s cultural picks

112 | Ann Jenkins, Artist

Ann Jenkins
Ann Jenkins

1. Book

A book I have enjoyed reading randomly and referring to often this past year has been ‘Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing’ by Roger Bezanis. It is an amazing insight into the way the human body shows us health conditions just by observing the face, body and feet for signs. This has been an area of my work, so this type of literature is right up my street and truthfully this is the only kind of reading I indulge in if I am not painting.

2. Film

I love a good film or series and there have been many I enjoyed but one that I could watch over and over is The Durrells. I merge with the scenery and the simple house in the countryside by the sea and pretend I live there. The setting, as humble as it is, is a dream for me and this feel- good series always puts me in a great frame of mind and wishful thinking.

3. TV/Internet

I don’t really follow TV programmes much but when I do I find myself watching ‘A Place in the Sun’. I just love property, and this satisfies my fascination with beautiful homes. It is also very tempting when comparing local prices. When it comes to internet, it is my go-to entertainment especially at the end of the day and I get hooked on stand-up comedy and British humour. It polishes off the day very nicely with a good laugh! I also find inspiration for my paintings by browsing different sites and images.

4. Music

I grew up with music. My brother is a musician, and I had the opportunity to listen to him on the piano for several hours a day, so piano music is a favourite. Having said that I love a variety of genres and choose a playlist according to my mood. Adele, Billie Eilish, Sia,Calum Scott,

Lady Gaga and Freya Ridings are amongst my favourites.

5. Place

I am an island person and my most enjoyable holidays have always been in Greece, but Corfu takes the 10 points. I have visited four times and would still go again. I feel I could easily move there and be happy. I like old world and am not keen on cities so I am drawn to laid back colourful places by the sea.Artist