Pumpkin festival to be held in Manikata

Plentiful food and entertainment will be on offer on the day

Autumn colours bring to mind the venerable pumpkin and the village of Manikata will be celebrating the orange vegetable at the end of the month.

The seventh edition of the Pumpkin Feast in Manikata, which will be held on Sunday 26 October 2014 between 10am to 4pm, will be offering a variety of these recipes.

Although the typical pumpkin pies are a must on the menu, there will be different dishes served on the day, to satisfy the taste buds of all those who visit. These will include pumpkin soup, chicken and pumpkin risotto, pumpkin tortellini, pumpkin ravioli and cakes and sweets, which of course, have pumpkin amongst the ingredients.

This year the main entertainers will be the Country Brothers. So if country music is your favourite genre, do not miss a visit, to this picturesque village. Another attraction will be the pumpkin carvings of sculptor Martin Bezzina Wettinger. A children’s play area with bouncy castle and face painting will also be set up on the day.

Being a village where farming is the main industry, one cannot miss buying some fresh local vegetables and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Stalls with gifts and handmade creations will also be set up.

This activity is being organised by Koperattiva Rurali Manikata with the help of the Pastoral Council of the Parish of Manikata and the Mellieħa Local Council. There will be free Park and Ride services available from Ħal Ferh car park to Manikata.

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