[WATCH] Malta captured in stunning drone footage from high above

No it's not filmed from a helicopter... but it could have been: see this stunning imagery of Malta and Gozo that was captured using just a small camera.

A testament to the way that the advance of technology democratises people’s access to high-end equipment: Mark Cassar shot this excellent aerial footage using a GoPro camera on a drone with a camera stabilizer.

GoPro cameras have become a common feature in video work, which is a wearable sports camera that is small, portable and specifically designed for extreme activities where every single second recording is valuable.

Combine them with drones and the work is a stunning piece of aerial footage.

“There are various locations around Malta and Gozo including Mellieha, Mtahleb, Sliema, St Julian’s and Valletta. I have been collecting footage from last September. I have more footage and I am hoping to put another video together in the near future. I love Malta, it’s the least I can do,” Cassar told MaltaToday.