2011. It’s been real viral

A look back on the viral vids that gave the dreary office-hours in 2011 some respite.

Divorzistan's Hitler meme for the divorce referendum. Laughter was the best campaign.
Divorzistan's Hitler meme for the divorce referendum. Laughter was the best campaign.

1. Divorce referendum gets the Hitler meme
Underlining the crucial role of satire on an island gone mental over divorce, Divorzistan was born and later evolved into Satiristan, now a Facebook fixture.

2. Arriva girl calls Austin Gatt a fucking wanker
Theatre studies student calls minister a wanker and becomes national heroine as public transport reform flounders.

3. Arriva gets the Hitler meme as well...

4. Hunger strike over Arriva reform
Emanuel Cini, whose disability is severely compounded when the new transport reform forces him to take three buses instead of one to get to his usual swimming destination, begins a hunger strike and calls for Austin Gatt's resignation, eventually resulting in the Prime Minister having to visit him personally, finally convincing him to eat some kiwis.

5. Jonny il-Kajboj. Another annoying catchprase

6. Zoo's driving lesson with Zobblu got over 80,000 views.

7. Joe Demicoli's Arriva hit.
This had over 70,000 views...

8. Malta's Eurovision Song entry this year had 146,000 vews...

9. But Clinton Paul's 'hit single' has more naff power than the rest.
Dance-pop sensation whose Badass Soldier and accompanying video showed viewers how wrong certain life-choices can be.

10. Miss World Malta remixed
She wanted to help the Japanese but she loved the Disney.

11. Mintoff's North Korean welcome resurrected. Thank you Kim Jong-Il.

Wow!! Magic, All wording changed and info extended with a link too...I am now a former FORMER PORN STAR and my disability is mentioned...Now that IS Funny!!
I meant New Year. Teas will come later...they always do. For everyone!
Talk of cheesy!! 1- I am an EX PORN STAR and NOT A PORN STAR. 2- As far as I can recall I went on hunger strike as a disabled man and not to get laid more, so I don't see why the importance of the porn title. Is there to put you non a par with Daphne Caruana Galizia? Well you manage admirably.It begs the question, what is worse, politics or the press. PS- I am glad you found it funny too, really I love a good laugh and can laugh at myself better than any politician or journalist I assure you.Best from Kiwi Republic.Happy New Tear.