Peter Carbonaro, Corazon Mizzi take over TVM's afternoon schedule

TV presenters Peter Carbonaro and Corazon Mizzi take over Claudette Pace's spot on TVM's afternoon programme.

Peter Carbonaro and Corazon Mizzi
Peter Carbonaro and Corazon Mizzi

TV presenter Peter Carbonaro, formerly part of the Where's Everybody? talent cast, together with Corazon Mizzi are the new faces of TVPM - aired daily in the afternoon from Monday to Friday on TVM.

TVPM is replacing Claudette Pace's Sellili, after the daytime show's long-time presenter was asked not to present the show since announcing her candidate for the Nationalist Party in the next elections.

TVPM is a production.

The Public Broadcasting Services had already written to the production house responsible for Sellili, that TVM would be finding an alternative presenter for the programme,

Pace's reaction was that she would seek legal advice on the matter, having made her TV comeback last year following a brief stint as the communications coordinator for health minister Joe Cassar.

Sellili was actually the programme that 16 years ago launched Pace's career as a TV presenter when she started hosting the show on the national TV station. The programme then moved on to Pace's then co-owned (now defunct) TV station Max Plus, as well as other Maltese channels, Super One and Net.