Park and Pay for charity on Campus on Thursday

On Thursday (19th December) drivers entering University of Malta Campus will be kindly asked to donate a minimum of one euro (€1).

Park and Pay for Charity on Thursday in aid of Istrina, Dar tal-Providenza and RIDT.
Park and Pay for Charity on Thursday in aid of Istrina, Dar tal-Providenza and RIDT.

Initially proposed by architecture students, the Park and Pay for Charity is part of the Christmas on Campus activities organised by KSU together with the University of Malta, the Chaplaincy and various student organisations.

The donations will go towards this year's Christmas on Campus three beneficiaries - Istrina, Dar tal-Providenza and to the University's Research, Innovation and Development Trust (RIDT), to benefit cancer research at the University.

"Parking at University has always been a topic of discussion, and this year we thought to turn this problem into a fundraising activity, all for a good cause", said Gayle Lynn Callus, KSU Culture & Entertainment Officer, and one of the coordinators of this event. The University administration is working hand-in-hand with KSU in order to ensure the smooth running of this activity, whilst also creating a joyful Christmas atmosphere around campus.

The Precincts Office of the University of Malta, encouraged everyone to participate and take an active role in the activities happening on campus. "The joint effort of everyone; staff, students and administration, makes these events possible and we encourage everyone to wholeheartedly embrace all of our fundraising initiatives, which will make a difference in people's lives."

One-off parking tickets for the Park and Pay for Charity initiative are on sale from the KSU office as of today. Visitors are encouraged to get their parking ticket in advance prior to Thursday in order to avoid possible queues at the University entrance gates.

Those who prefer to commute to University by other means of transport can check out the University's Green Travel webpage for more information on alternative ways to get to campus: Further information can be obtained from Raphel Mizzi on [email protected]

The Park & Pay for Charity is yet another initiative being held as part of the University's Christmas on Campus campaign, which runs throughout the month of December. The full programme of events may be viewed on the University website at: