Hallmark Channel rebrands as Diva Universal

Hallmark Channel is set to sport a newly revamped identity as of April 1.

The channel will be re-launched as Diva Universal, one of the core channel brands of Universal Networks International (UNI), the global channels division of NBCUniversal.

The channel (Channel 313 on the Melita XL television packages) enjoys a massive following in Malta and the re-brand is set to capture the imagination of female viewers by celebrating everything that is elegant.

On the newly revamped Diva Universal, Melita subscribers will enjoy access to a diverse selection of programmes with a schedule filled with the finest European period dramas and crime series, classic US and European TV movies and mini-series, as well as interview-driven reports and specials celebrating timeless divas.

Programming includes dramas Commander in Chief and JAG, cult favourites Dallas, Roots and lnspector Rex, made-for-TV films such as those based on the books of Mary Higgins Clark and classic British mystery series such as Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Rosemary and Thyme, and the adventures of timeless detectives, Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes. In addition, Diva Universal will feature documentaries profiling a range of renowned, real-life divas.

“We are very pleased  with the rebranding of Hallmark Channel to Diva Universal, which gives the channel a fresh and more vibrant look. This is a favourite channel with many of our viewers and we are sure that the Maltese audience will react very favourably to this re-branding,,” said Ivor Micallef, Product Manager for Melita TV.

“The Hallmark Channel has a loyal audience and already offers a line-up of great content,” said Luca Cadura, Chairman NBCUniversal Global Networks Italia. “This re-launch allows us to enhance the channel with a fresh new look and attitude under a contemporary channel name with global heritage. We know it will appeal to both our existing fan base and a new audience, too.”

The rebrand is part of NBCUniversal’s multi-million dollar plan to reposition its global network of pay-TV channels. Hallmark Channel has already been successfully rebranded in other markets including Australia, Africa and the UK, where it was rebranded to Universal Channel.

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