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Chucky Bartolo does the honours with his live blog for tonight's final.

Ira Losco and Gianluca, former winners of the Malta Song for Europe
Ira Losco and Gianluca, former winners of the Malta Song for Europe

Hello Ta Qali, San Gwann calling! With our twenty semifinalists being reduced to fourteen by televoting and a jury of important people you’ve probably never heard of, everything is set for Saturday’s final. Competing for a chance to represent Malta in Copenhagen we have:

One last ride – Daniel Testa
Take me – Pamela
Because I have you – Amber
Let the sunshine in – Sophie
Hypnotika – Jessika
Love will take me home – Franklin Calleja
Oblivion – Chris Grech
Lovetricity – Christabelle
Some kind of wonderful – Wayne William 
City lady – Ryan Paul Abela
Until we meet again – Deborah C
Brand new day – Davinia
Coming home – Firelight
In the middle - Debee

The Malta Eurovision Song Contest was hosted by Moira Delia, Ira Losco and Gianluca, the latter two having disappeared right after their performance of Gianluca’s chart-topper "Tomorrow” (could it be that Moira tied them up backstage for not letting her sing along too?)They did however, resurface hours later, although once again it seems their presenting skills were not really needed, but instead they were just used to kill time while Moira’s minions counted votes backstage.

Beautiful staging was the order of the day and having seriously upped their game this year, the technical team did an amazing job with their giant HD screens and flashy light show. A healthy dose of bad diction and cheesy songs were there ro remind me that I was in fact watching the Malta Eurovision song selection.

The singers themselves do deserve praise for delivering on almost every note. Added to that, fashion faux pas were kept to a minimal (particularly when we look back at the legacy left behind by Elaine Saliba and her washing gloves) and so, on the whole, the show was quite enjoyable.

I was intrigued by the V.18 postcard introductions. They were fun, easily understood and all in all very well put together, which is probably more than can be said for a few of the songs being presented this year.

For the lucky fourteen the adventure continues on Saturday night, with the Malta Eurovision Song Contest final. For everyone else there is a little piece of adventure waiting for you on the MaltaToday website. Here you will find the whole show over-analysed by an expert team, comprised of one Eurovision enthusiast, live-blogging throughout the entire night.