First home of Beatles legend Ringo Starr to be demolished

The first home of Beatles legend Ringo Starr is set to be pulled down under a housing regeneration scheme, despite campaigns to save the house in Liverpool.

The house is located at Number 9 Madryn Street, in Dingle, Liverpool. The owners say it is of minimal historic value and attracts no interest from tourists visiting the city.

Another house of Ringo Starr, in which he lived for 20 years of his life, has been saved the destruction, as residents of the area have been campaigning for a long time to halt the demolition.

Local resident Nina Edge said "Ringo's house is more than a visitor attraction, it's a great little house plenty of people would be glad to live in."

The homes of another two Beatles stars, namely John Lennon’s Mendips, at 251 Menlove Avenue residence and Sir Paul McCartney’s 20 Forthlin Road residence, are popular tourist attractions run by the National Trust.

Fellow Welsh Streets resident and Beatles fanatic Piers Elton branded regeneration chiefs "short-sighted" for their decision. "It would be perfectly possible to keep this house and demolish the properties around it,” Elton said, "This house is a reminder of the world which spawned the Beatles."

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