Photo with TV presenter earns Tiffany top spot on Britain’s Next Top Model

Britain’s Next Top Model hopeful Tiffany Pisani yesterday wowed the judges in a photoshoot with TV presenter George Lamb, where she was acclaimed by all panel judges for looking beautiful and strong in her photo.

The contestants were involved in three different shoots yesterday, the first having been conducted by the models themselves. Tiffany won the challenge where she had to design and direct a photoshoot in which fellow contestant Joy was her muse.

“I really enjoyed it, not as much as modelling but it was a nice experience,” she said, on playing the role of photographer. The photographer responsible for setting the challenge said “Tiffany has amazing potential”, and described her as creative, although at times nervous.

In another photoshoot with UK television presenter George Lamb, the photographer said the local hopeful is facially and visually strong, and improved her performance as the shoot went on.

The contestants also had the opportunity to be photographed by veteran pro Terry O’Neill, who worked with superstars Audrey Hepburn, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss throughout his career. The models had to pose individually with a team of rugby players in long glamorous dresses.

Tiffany appeared to be receiving constant direction from Elle Macpherson, who also attended the shoot. “No matter what you can never win,” Tiffany said.

During deliberation, supermodel judge Elle said the photo with Lamb is the best picture of Tiffany in the whole competition.

None of the girls got eliminated this week, and all five of them will be continuing the competition in Malaysia next week.

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