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The summer heat has just about started to subside and a new season of sports has begun. 122 boats set sail for the Rolex Middle Sea Race on 18 October while Malta took on Italy on the football pitch on 13 October.

Now that the heat has died down a little, it’s the perfect excuse to get into the shops and buy some great items to fight the cold throughout the winter that is surely coming, and whilst you’re at it, look fabulously feminine.

Winter is coming, there’s no doubt about that and with it will come the inevitable flu season. Runny noses and scratchy throats, though annoying, can lead to complications resulting in serious illness. Get your flu vaccines to ensure you and your family are safe for this year’s cold season.

Colder weather means we have abandoned the beach. Sad though that may be, it gives us more time for other hobbies that have taken a back seat over the summer. Check out the LUX film festival airing the finalists’ films for the European Parliament LUX Prize Competition.

So, you’re thinking of starting an art collection but have no idea how to go about it?  Coral Moyes, curator or online gallery, lets you in on a few secrets that will make your art collection not only more valuable, but also more rewarding. 

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