[WATCH] Jewellery worth millions stolen from Kim Kardashian West in armed robbery

Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian West has been left 'badly shaken but physically unharmed' after five masked men broke into her residence, tied her up at gunpoint, and proceeded to rob her

Kim Kardashian West was in Paris with her family to support her sister who was modelling in the event
Kim Kardashian West was in Paris with her family to support her sister who was modelling in the event

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West, 35, has been robbed at gunpoint in a private residence in Paris by assailants disguised as police, who made off with jewellery worth millions.

A spokeswoman for the reality TV star said she was “badly shaken but physically unharmed” after they tied her up in the flat’s bathroom before fleeing the scene.

According to Reuters news agency, the five masked men, wearing ski masks and clothes with police markings, broke into the exclusive apartment block where Kardashian West was staying while attending Paris Fashion Week and put a gun to her temple and left her tied up in the bathroom.

The French Interior Ministry said the five men gained access to the apartment building by threatening the concierge with a gun, handcuffing him and forcing him to open the private apartment.

The robbers stole a box with 5-6 million euros' worth of jewels and a ring worth about 4 million euros, Reuters reported, citing a source. CNN also reported that two mobile phones were taken from the star’s apartment.

Kardashian’s husband, rapper Kanye West, was in the middle of a performance at the Meadows music when he caught word of the incident, and abruptly ended the show halfwayway through his performance of the song Heartless, citing a “family emergency”.

Kardashian West was in France for Paris Fashion Week, along with her mother, Kris Jenner, and sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.

The French Interior Ministry said no one was hurt during the incident and that the men did not fire their weapons. It's not clear if Kardashian West's family, including her two young children, were present at the time.

Just a few hours before the robbery, Kardashian West attended the Givenchy runway show where her sister Kendall was walking.

Kardashian West has since left France.

People have taken to Twitter to react to the news. Some people have been making light of the situation:

However, other users have shown their support for Kardashian West.

Last week she was approached by a prankster who tried to kiss her bottom but was stopped by a bodyguard.

Kardashian West first rose to fame as a friend and stylist to Paris Hilton. She later appeared in her own reality programme, Keeping up with the Kardashians, about her family.