[WATCH] It hurts so good: Fifty Shades of Grey premieres in Malta

Fifty Shades of Grey left audience wanting more after movie fails to delve into Anastasia's and Mr Grey's character development

Fifty Shades of Grey premieres in Malta

One of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year premiered last night at the Eden Cinemas with a glamorous event that attracted a large number of thematically dressed revellers.

The vast majority of the movie goers were women of various age groups, with only a few men trying very hard to hide their faces in the crowds. Guests were greeted at the cinema complex by a complimentary delicious pink cocktail served by handsome looking waiters and Malta’s own Mr. Grey, who posed for photos and chatted with the Grey fans.

Guests milling around the theatre were ushered around and generally chatted up by good looking, scantily clad men in accordance with the general theme of the night.

Many women discussed their generally high expectations for the movie, but some who were not avid fans of the trilogy said they were cynical but that they agreed to attend the event as part of a girls’ night out.

When everyone settled down in their seats, the real excitement began, with an underwear fashion show and a cheeky surprise strip-tease ahead of the show. The latter was met with some disappointment when the dancers only stripped down to their trousers, but the excitement trailed well into the movie, with viewers giggling openly throughout some of the kinkier scenes.

Admittedly this was quite an unexpected reaction, but it toned down the awkwardness that would inevitably had ensued otherwise.

The movie was met with varied reactions, with most of the viewers who had read the books saying that they were slightly disappointed by the fact that the movie focused too much on the physical aspect, and too little on the character development which made the reading experience so much deeper.

Others commented that they enjoyed the book and the movie equally, and others yet insisted that they felt somewhat offended by the arguably violent sexual encounters and that the plotline was too shallow.

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