[WATCH] Eurovision: Destiny’s ‘Je Me Casse’ is a dancefloor belter (and handy French for a swift exit)

Destiny releases the official track which will represent Malta in this year’s Eurovision song contest to be held in Rotterdam

Singer Destiny in the music video of her newly released song Je Me Casse
Singer Destiny in the music video of her newly released song Je Me Casse

Ladies, here’s a tip from the queen herself: drop the dummy that’s trying to hook up with you with a handy French adieu.

Freshly dropped on the last day for entries to the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, among the last participants for the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam is Destiny with her song ‘Je Me Casse’. That’s a sort of chilled-out French exit phrase… “je me casse” ladies and gents… “I’m splitting… I’m out of here”.

Although the expression je me casse includes the verb casser (‘to break’), it actually signifies making a pretty swift exit, in the sense that the person is ‘getting out of here’, and indeed, Destiny’s lyrics leave little to the imagination.

Looks like she is suffering some horrendously boring pick-up artist. So here’s the effortless way of dropping the guy or maybe if you’re not feeling the vibe… “Je me casse” – ‘I’m out of here’. (Or perhaps, you can tell your friend, ‘on se casse?” – “Shall we get out of here?”).

Promoters say Destiny’s song is about women’s empowerment in society, with the music video featuring home videos of the singer’s time as a young girl. 

The 2021 Maltese entry has been composed and penned by Malin Christin, Amanuel Dermont, Nicklas Eklund and Pete Barringer.

The singer was due to represent the country in last year’s Eurovision festival, which had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The location and participants of last year’s festival have been retained for this year’s edition. This year’s contest will begin on Tuesday 18 May, and the final will be held on Saturday 22 May.

A favourite among the bookies

To top it off, Destiny's entry seems to be making waves across Europe. While Switzerland is the fan favourite for first place, Malta currently stands at second place among bookmakers at a 12% winning chance.