Eurovision 2021: Italy wins, Destiny finishes 7th

Destiny delivered a solid performance at the Eurovision Song Contest but this was not enough to woo European audiences, finishing seventh

Destiny with her team as the voting results started pouring in at the Rotterdam Ahoy
Destiny with her team as the voting results started pouring in at the Rotterdam Ahoy

Destiny’s Eurovision journey ended with a disappointing 7th place, collecting 255 votes after a nail-biting finale that saw Italy win this year’s contest.

Destiny collected 208 points from the national juries but only attracted 47 points from televoting. The national juries of Norway, Australia, Romania and Sweden awarded Destiny the full 12 points.

Singing Je Me Casse, a song about female empowerment, Destiny delivered a solid and confident performance in the Rotterdam Ahoy.

Just after stepping off the stage, the 18-year-old singer said: “Je Me Casse never felt this good!”

In her first comments on social media after delivering her performance, she wrote: “Words can never describe the feeling I felt few minutes ago on the Eurovision Song Contest stage. Je Me Casse never felt this good! So honoured and happy to deliver an empowerment anthem like this to all of you out there! Ladies, believe in yourself, keep pushing and you’ll make great things happen. This one was for all of you!”

The final of the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands after being postponed from last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The winner was Italy with rock group Maneskin that had been billed as the favourite to win by bookmakers.

Destiny’s votes

Destiny obtained 255 votes in all. 47 points were obtained from the public vote. The votes below are of the respective national juries.

  • Israel – 5pts
  • Poland – 4pts
  • San Marino – 7pts
  • Albania – 8pts
  • Estonia – 1pt
  • North Macedonia – 5pts
  • Azerbaijan – 7pts
  • Norway – 12pts
  • Spain – 8pts
  • Austria – 4pts
  • UK – 0pts
  • Italy – 7pts
  • Slovenia – 5pts
  • Greece – 6pts
  • Latvia – 2pts
  • Ireland – 10pts
  • Moldova – 7pts
  • Serbia – 0pts
  • Bulgaria – 5pts
  • Cyprus – 10pts
  • Belgium – 5pts
  • Germany – 8pts
  • Australia – 12pts
  • Finland – 1pt
  • Portugal – 4pts
  • Ukraine – 5pts
  • Iceland – 1pt
  • Romania – 12pts
  • Croatia – 3pts
  • Czechia – 7pts
  • Georgia – 1pt
  • Lithuania – 3pts
  • Denmark – 4pts
  • Russia – 4pts
  • France – 0pts
  • Sweden – 12pts
  • Switzerland – 6pts
  • Netherlands – 7pts