Internationally renowned artists to deliver outstanding repertoire to raise awareness on mental health

The recital will be held at the Manoel Theatre on Tuesday 6 June at 8pm

Violinist Carmine Lauri
Violinist Carmine Lauri

It is not a surprise that mental health just continues to grow. We all go through tough times when life gets on top of us – sometimes could be work related, bereavement, deadlines, health, relations, loneliness or other circumstances. We all experience days when we feel down or stressed. Most of times those feelings will pass, but sometimes they develop into anxiety or depression which could take a toll on our daily lives. For some of us, mental health problems can be complex and require support and treatment for life. 

For 30 years Richmond Foundation has been a pioneer in the field of mental health and has worked relentlessly, building a mission to support people with mental health difficulties and those around them throughout various aspects of life.

To celebrate this milestone, two internationally renowned artists, violinist Carmine Lauri and guitarist Simon Schembri will reunite to deliver an outstanding repertoire to raise awareness on mental health.  The marriage between music and mental health will be presented at this year’s special edition of Malta Enterprise Corporate Social Responsibility at the Manoel Theatre.

"As a government entity we want to create meaningful events that can inspire change and raise awareness on those challenges which touch and impact our humanity", expressed Kurt Farrugia, CEO of Malta Enterprise. "This is an initiative which I hope that in a small way will contribute to raise mental health awareness and drive further the development and wellbeing of our community and society at large." 

 All proceeds from this concert will go to the Foundation.

This CSR project is being organised in collaboration with Manoel Theatre with the support of HSBC, Malta International Airport, Air Malta, Malta Tourism Authority, Heritage Malta and V&C Group. 

Tickets can be purchased here.