Ivan Grech returns with brand new single

Ivan Grech, the renowned Winter Moods frontman and songwriter, is back with a new song titled ‘(Let’s Get) High on Love'


This highly anticipated release marks Ivan’s second solo venture following his successful debut with ‘Somebody Like You’ in 2019.

Known for his memorable performances and shows in Malta and Gozo, Grech once again demonstrates his musical dexterity with this latest release.

‘(Let’s Get) High on Love showcases a fresh approach to songwriting and production.’ Ivan tells us, "The song took off from a sound that inspired an ambience, an atmospheric base that dictated a vibe for haunting, relaxed melodies leading to a catchy chorus. In sound, lyric, and melody, it projects an uplifting feeling of togetherness, of becoming one."

The production of this captivating track was carried out at Temple Studios, in collaboration with long-time producer, David Vella. While Ivan’s unmistakable voice remains, the song explores a more modern sound with a nod to the ’80s, a sound that has found renewed popularity in recent times.

‘(Let’s Get) High on Love’ serves as a sneak peek into a larger project - Ivan Grech’s upcoming solo album, scheduled for release in 2024. This release promises to be a memorable addition to Ivan’s repertoire.

‘Get ready to embark on a musical journey that captures the essence of togetherness and nostalgia,’ said Grech.