Male choir in aid of restoration projects

The Cappella Sanctae Catharinae will be holding a Concert of Sacred Music titled Ave Verum next Sunday 27th June at 7.30 p.m., at St Mark’s Church in Rabat. Entrance to the concert will be free but a donation towards the restoration projects of the Augustinian Community would be appreciated.

The Augustinian historical complex in Rabat, embrace the 16th century church built by architect Girolamo Cassar and the early 18th century monastery built by Andrea Belli.  In the recent years, the community has engaged in a restoration project of the whole complex. Encouraged by the interest of the general public, particularly during an open weekend held last November, the community is planning various restoration works. At the moment works are going on, on the magnificent facade of the monastery, a project which is expected to arrive to completion in the following weeks.

The concert will feature polyphonic music from the 17th century by the likes of Palestrina, Viadana and also a mass by Casciolini. The music performed is tied to the three main liturgical feasts that feature in the month of June, namely Corpus Christi, St John the Baptist, and Ss Peter and Paul.

The Cappella Sanctae Catharinae was formed in December 2009, and focuses mainly on polyphonic music for male choir from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Since its formation the choir has already performed in many different venues, including the church of St Catherine of Italy in Valletta, which is the choir’s spiritual home.