Dark Horses frontwoman Lisa Elle

Hailing ‘from Brighton via everywhere’, Lisa Elle from the neo-Rock and Roll outfit Dark Horses speaks to us ahead of their concert at Portes des Bombes, Floriana – forming part of this year’s Kinemastik Film Festival.

Dark Horses frontwoman Lisa Elle.
Dark Horses frontwoman Lisa Elle.

How would you describe your sound to the 'uninitiated'?


Would you say you belong to any musical subculture per se, and if so why?

With solidarity Dark Horses work in a solitary manner. When we hear 'culture' we reach for the distortion pedal.

Has the rise of internet usage affected the way you write songs, apart from distributing them too?

No... not in the writing process. Our songs, no matter the circumstance, are always attempts to face our weaknesses. For fun and fitness, Dark Horses love to compile playlists for each other and for fans.

What are your plans for the immediate future?

Poetry and high adventure.

Are you looking forward to performing in Malta?

We regard your invitation to perform in Melite, as an honour akin to The Beatles being invited to jam with Elvis at Graceland. We are humbled and we won't let you down.

The band will be accompanied by Capitol K and Maltese band Dolls for Idols. Tickets at €10 can be booked through https://ticketengine.sjcav.org/.