Joseph Calleja concert moved to Thursday, July 29

The Joseph Calleja, Dionne Warwick and Riccardo Cocciante concert has been rescheduled for Thursday July 29 at The Granaries in Floriana at 2030hrs.

The concert was postponed due to weather forecasts which predicted very strong winds, including the possibility of near gale force winds.

NNG Promotions have apologized for the inconvenience, saying the concert needed to be postponed to ensure that the thousands of guests attending the event will get to enjoy the best possible experience and performance from all the artists and orchestra.

The concert was to be held on the granaries in Floriana together with Italian star Riccardo Cocciante and American Dionne Warwick. The cancellation brings to light the difficulties of open air theatres and open air concerts. Joseph Calleja was the first to sign a national artists petition against the building of an open-air theatre in Valletta.

Any ticket holders requiring information can contact Maltaticket on 27842538 or email [email protected]