‘Culture and the arts can aid vulnerable children’ - Joseph Calleja

Maltese tenor says arts and culture could be used to help underprivileged children

Joseph Calleja (Photo by Ray Attard)
Joseph Calleja (Photo by Ray Attard)
Joseph Calleja launches annual Malta concert • Video by Ray Attard

Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja today officially announced his annual concert in Malta and underlined the contribution arts and culture can give to society.

“I want to use art and culture to do something, I wouldn’t say to change the world as this would sound too arrogant,” he said, adding that if everyone makes a little effort Malta could give a contribution to the arts and help vulnerable people, especially children.

Addressing a press conference, the world-renowned tenor said that despite travelling the world over to perform in the most important theatres the annual concert in Malta remains his darling,

The 3 August concert will see a number of local and international acts share the stage with the tenor, including American singer Anastacia, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, local band Red Electrick and a children’s choir.

During the concert which will this year be held at the Luxol Grounds in Pembroke, Calleja will pay tribute to his mentor Paul Asciak, who passed away earlier this year.

The concert will be aired on Sky Arts in the UK as well as other channels in Italy and Scandinavia among others.

Proceeds from the concert will go to the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation. The foundation was set up in 2013 to perform a social function amongst the most vulnerable individuals and social groups in the Maltese community. Specifically, its attention is tuned to underprivileged children and children with innovative, distinctive or unique artistic or musical talents who are in any way unable to develop or enhance their talents.

Entrance is free in the standing areas while tickets for the seated areas start from €80.

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