45 students graduate from the London College of Music in MSA ceremony

45 music students awarded diploma from the London College of Music at the Malta society of arts

Recently, a number of students were awarded Diploma certificates in a variety of music subjects from the London College of Music (LCM) examinations, an international examinations board offering graded and diploma qualifications in music, drama and communication.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the students themselves, their teachers, as well as their families and friends.

The event was held at the same venue where students sit for the LCM exams during the month of May: the imposing building of the Malta Society of Arts, the Palazzo de La Salle.

The MSA has been the local representative of the LCM for the past 90 years and is a long-standing partner of the music college, which is renowned for its excellence and innovation.

Before the Diploma certificates were handed out, the attendees were treated to a programme of musical performances, which included works from composers like Piazzolla performed by a clarinet student and Prokofiev, Brahms and Liszt performed by piano students, among other works.

After the performances, the evening proceeded with a short speech by the newly-elected President of the Malta Society of Arts, Perit Adrian Mamo, followed by the handing out of the certificates and a few words by the examiner from the LCM, Hugh Sutton.

The Diploma Certificates were awarded for a wide range of instrument performance, including pianoforte, violin, clarinet, flute, bass trombone and trumpet, as well as in Theory of Music and Composition.

The evening was compered by Marika Azzopardi, a member of the MSA’s committee.

For more photos of the evening, please visit: http://artsmalta.org