UK director to coach Maltese actors

UK theatre director Chris Cooper will direct a masterclass in contemporary acting based mainly on the scripts of leading British playwright Edward Bond at St James Cavalier on May 5 and 6.

Chris Cooper.
Chris Cooper.

The objective of this workshop is to make participants familiar with the works of contemporary authors such as Edward Bond, to help them judge a role and approach the part, work with the playwright, find the right way to undertake auditions (even abroad) and rehearsals and how to think about the scene.

Cooper will use a text by Bond as the basis for a practical and theoretical exploration to the Bondian approach to theatre.

This will include an opening session with a general introduction to Bond - public space, the function of drama in the 21st century and the difference between theatre and drama.

The rest of the workshop will then focus on a the chosen play to explore the site, the centre, drama event and 'enacting' rather than acting.

Cooper will also use these workshops to start selecting the cast for our production of Olly's Prison the following year. 

The benefit for actors and practitioners participating in these workshops is obvious as they would be working with a top practitioner in the field. 

Maltese theatre seems to concentrate on classics and this workshop will aim to give participants an insight into contemporary theatre.

Those interested in applying can email Adrian Buckle on [email protected].

 This project is supported by the Malta Arts Fund.