Social justice meets theatre in European student festival

The first European Student Theatre Festival is set to take place at the Ġ.F. Abela Junior College

An artistic education project has been developed by the Ġ.F. Abela Junior College and local theatre group Troupe 18:45. The project aims to bring students, aged 16 to 19, together to raise awareness about social and economic realities, which can lead to poverty and social exclusion, while education and social justice offer a way out of this vicious circle.

The Ħolqa Mini-European Theatre Festival’s main goal is to promote a spirit of collaboration and artistic development ingrained deeply in a social context; like numerous links forming a stronger chain.

In addition, this experience will help promote intercultural understanding amongst the participants, which is of utmost importance for their formation and as citizens of Europe. The idea is for them to establish contacts and long-term relations with performers from other countries.

Ħolqa also aims to support Maltese students and encourage their participation in cultural and artistic activities, and in particular those students who seek to improve their artistic and performing skills

Students from Junior College theatre group will be joined by theatre groups from four other participating institutions, namely the Liceo Scientifico Statale “Evangelista Torricelli” in Rome, Italy, Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin, Ireland, Fagerlia Videregående Skole in Ålesund, Norway, and La Cadenelle in Marseille, France.

The festival, which runs from 1 to 4 April, will include performances by each of the participating groups and theatre workshops in the spheres of acting, voice and movement for the participants.

Three local judges involved in the literary and dramatic arts will judge the five performances. Actor Charles Sammut, author Immanuel Mifsud and actor/presenter Clare Agius will form a panel of judges that will follow set artistic criteria to assess each production and declare a winner amongst the competing groups on the last day of the festival.

Ħolqa is supported by Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector through their Small Initiatives Scheme 2013 Fund.

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