National dance company set up

Zfin Malta has been set up to provide professional jobs to dancers and to promote dance on the island

The government has officially launched a national dance company, Zfin Malta, to provide professional jobs to dancers and to promote dance on the island. Over 700 dancers had applied for jobs in this new company, out of which only eight were selected- four Maltese, three French and a Greek. A further two Maltese dancers are apprenticing with the company, whose facilities are located in Msida by the Junior College. 

“Since the cultural sector is expanding in Malta, forming a national dance company that focuses on contemporary dance was the next natural step,” the Ministry for Culture said in a statement. “Dancers from this company will take part in national and international events, the aim being to promote dance through projects that encourage inclusivity and give Malta a good name.”

The eight dancers are led by Zfin Malta’s artistic director Mavin Khoo, an internationally acclaimed Malaysian choreographer who has previously commissioned projects at the Royal Opera House in London. Zfin Malta’s board will be chaired by Alison White, while the other board members are expected to be announced in the coming days.

Culture Minister Owen Bonnici has said that the government will increase its funding for culture by 25% next year, which will bring the total government investment in culture up to €43 million throughout 2015.

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